McGinn (Bernard) (pref. auth.), Carey (John) (ed.), Nic Cárthaigh (Emma) (ed.), Ó Dochartaigh (Caitríona) (ed.): The end and beyond: medieval Irish eschatology / edited by Caitríona Ó Dochartaigh, Emma Nic Cárthaigh and John Carey, with a foreword by Bernard McGinn.
CSP, 17. Aberystwyth: Celtic studies publications, 2014. x + 943 pp. portr.
Rev. by
Nathan Millin, in Peritia 26 (2015), pp. 235-238.
Ralph O’Connor, in StC 50 (2016), pp. 182-184.
Erich Poppe, in StH 41 (2015), pp. 200-204.
Carey (John): The dialogue of the body and the soul.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 47–65.
Acallam in chuirp 7 na hamna. Edition of the text in Paris, BNF, MS Fonds celtique et basque Nº 1 (ff. 12rb-14va); with English translation.

Wright (Charles D.): Latin analogues for The dialogue of the body and the soul.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 66–100.

Ritari (Katja): The two deaths.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 101–111.
A tale on the fate of two souls, one sinful and the other righteous, immediately after death, beg. Is coir a fhis tra conid foichlidhi do cach æn in dal derb. Edited from RIA 23 O 48; with English translation (cf. C. Marstrander, Best1, p. 243).

Wright (Charles D.): Latin analogue for The two deaths: The three utterances of the soul.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 113–137.

Carey (John): The two clerical students and the next life.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 139–151.
Edition of an anecdote on the separation of body and soul, beg. Da maccléirig ro badar a comann. Text from Rawl. B 512; with English translation.

Carey (John): [The seven heavens:] introduction.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 155–170.

Touati (Charlotte): The ‘apocalypse of the seven heavens’: from Egypt to Ireland.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 171–187.
On the origins, characteristics and transmission of the Irish apocryphon of the seven heavens.

Carey (John): The Reichenau seven heavens homily.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 189–195.
Edited from MS Karlsruhe Augiensis 254. Latin text and English translation.

Carey (John): The seven heavens in Fís Adamnáin.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 197–200.
English translation (based on a forthcoming new critical edition) of §§15-20, as ed. by E. Windisch (in IT I, pp. 165-196).

Ó Dochartaigh (Caitríona): Na seacht neamha in the Liber flavus Fergusiorum.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 201–209.
Diplomatic edition with English translation.

Nic Cárthaigh (Emma): The seven heavens in the modern recension of In tenga bithnua.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 211–283.
Critical edition of a section of the third recension of In tenga bithnua describing the journey of the soul through the seven heavens. Provides the text of three versions (based on eighteenth-century MSS), with critical apparatus: 1. NLS Advocates’ Library 72.2.5 (Gaelic LV) with variants from Egerton 174; 2. Text from RIA 23 D 8 with variants from 15 other MSS; 3. Text from RIA 3 C 15. With English translation and notes.

Wright (Charles D.): Next-to-last things: the interim state of souls in early Irish literature.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 309–396.

O’Sullivan (Tomás): The Vision of Saint Paul: redaction XI.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 397–415.
Edited from Vatican Library, MS Pal. Lat. 220. Latin text with English translation.

Carey (John): The Vision of Laisrén.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 417–444.
Text from Rawl. B. 512; with English translation and textual notes.

Carey (John): Saint Brendan on the fear of death.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 445–451.
Critical edition (omitting final homily in long recension) based on TCD H 3. 18, H 2. 18, and Paris, BNF, MS Fonds celtique et basque Nº 1; includes text of G 9 (supplied separately).

Carey (John): A soul freed from hell by prayer.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 453–459.
Early Middle Irish poem, beg. Bennacht arin n-irnaithe. Text from Laud Misc. 610, with English translation (cf. K. Meyer, Best1, p. 139).

Carey (John): Colum Cille on the pains of hell.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 461–464.
Poem ascribed to Colum Cille, beg. Sechnaid ifern, a dhaine. Text from London, BL, Additional 30512 with readings from Laud Misc. 615; with English translation (cf. K. Meyer, in ZCP 12, 389-390.).

Carey (John): The story of Cairpre Cromm and Mael Ṡechnaill son of Mael Ruanaid.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 465–473.
Edition of a tale entitled Scel Coirpre Chruim 7 Moel Sechnaill meic Moel Ruanaid. Text from Egerton 92 with missing text supplied from An Leabhar Breac; with English translation.

Wright (Charles D.): Latin analogues for The seven journeys of the soul.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 475–481.
Edition of six Latin analogues, with English translation.

Nic Cárthaigh (Emma): A homily concerning the resurrection and the harrowing of hell from the Liber flavus Fergusiorum.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 483–493.
An Irish account of Christ’s descent into hell, beg. Ar n-eiseirghi Crist a carcair corcraa. From RIA 23 O 48 (Liber flavus); semi-diplomatic text and English translation.

Carey (John): The seven hells.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 495–499.
Description of the sevenfold division of hell, beg. Fuilet .7. n-ifrinn ann.Text from Bodl. Rawl. B 513, with English translation.

Carey (John): Two poems on Saint Patrick’s Purgatory.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 501–525.
An Coimgidh ata ar nim 7 ar lar and Eisdigh [a] aos cumtha caoin. Edited from MS London, BL, Additional 30512, with English translation.

Carey (John), Ó Dochartaigh (Caitríona): [The judgement and it signs:] introduction.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 549–565.

O’Sullivan (Tomás): The Apocalypse of Thomas.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 567–591.

O’Sullivan (Tomás): A homily on Matthew 25.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 593–605.

Carey (John): A poem on the troubles before the last days.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 607–627.
Dofil aimser, laithe mbratha. From Laud 615; diplomatic and normalised text, with English translation and notes (cf. K. Meyer, ZCP 8.195-196).

Carey (John): The end of the world in The colloquy of the two sages.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 629–645.
Semi-diplomatic edition, with English translation, of the eschatological section of Immacallam in dá thúarad from TCD MS H 3. 18.

Volmering (Nicole): The Second vision of Adamnán.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 647–681.
Text based on Leabhar Breac with variants from Liber flavus Fergusiorum; with English translation and notes.

Carey (John): The three cries of the world.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 683–684.
Text from Rawl. B 512 with variants from NLI G 10; with English translation.

Fogarty (Hugh): The broom out of Fánat.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 685–696.
From NLI G 10; diplomatic and normalized texts, with English translation and notes.

Carey (John): Colum Cille’s warning to Baíthín.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 697–704.
Edition of the final 20 qq. of Éistea riom, a Bhaoithín bhuain, attributed to Colum Cille. Text from Laud Misc. 615 with variants from Rawlinson B 514; with English translation.

Carey (John): The lore of the fiery arrow.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 705–713.
Text from RIA D iv 2 with variants from Leabhar Breac; with English translation. Includes a poem beg. A Dhe mhair, co n-agbainn mo dí erail (7 qq.), atributed to Moling (cf. Eugene O’Curry, Best1, p. 121 [Scuip a Fanat]).

Herbert (Máire): The fleet of Inber Domnann.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 715–720.
Longas Inbir Domnann (27 qq.), attributed to Colum Cille. Text from Laud Misc. 615, with English translation (cf. K. Meyer, in ZCP 10.343-344).

Nic Cárthaigh (Emma): The Day of Judgement and the experience of hell in the Liber flavus Fergusiorum.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 721–751.
Edition of a poem (beg. Dia Luain laithi in measraidhthi) and accompanying prose tract from Liber flavus Fergusiorum; with English translation and textual notes.

Nic Cárthaigh (Emma): The fifteen signs of Doomsday in the Liber flavus Fergusiorum.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 753–760.
A tract on the wonders preceding the Day of Judgement, beginning Cuicc comurdha .x. bratha ann-so. Text from Liber flavus, with English translation and textual notes. Addendum 1: Fott fabaill [a short note describing the distance from the Garden of Eden to the dwelling house of the Trinity; from Liber flavus, with English translation]; Addendum 2: The Comestor version [Cap. CXLI: De signis quindecim dierum ante judicium].

Murray (Kevin): The voyaging of St. Columba’s clerics.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 761–823.
Semi-diplomatic edition of Immram Snédgusa 7 Maic Riagla from the Yellow Book of Lecan (following the order of the text in the MS).

Nic Cárthaigh (Emma): A handlist of Irish eschatological texts.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 825–853.
Provides information on manuscript sources, editions and translations, including internet links to digitised material.

Volmering (Nicole): A bibliography of medieval Irish eschatology and related sources.
In End and beyond (2014), pp. 855–912.