Peritia: journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland 6–7 (1987–1988)
Medieval Academy of Ireland
McNamara (Martin): The Echternach Gospels and Mac Durnan Gospels: some common readings and their significance.
In Peritia 6–7 (1987–1988), pp. 217–222.
Demonstrates that the text of the Echternach Gospels (MS BNF lat. 9389) agrees closely with four manuscripts associated with Armagh, namely the Mac Durnan Gospels (MS Lambeth Palace 1370), the Mael Brigte Gospels (MS Harley 1802), MS Harley 1023, and the Book of Armagh.

McCarthy (Daniel), Ó Cróinín (Dáibhí): The ‘lost’ Irish 84-year Easter table rediscovered.
In Peritia 6–7 (1987–1988), pp. 227–242.
Describes and restores the Irish 84-year Easter table (for AD 438-521); from MS Padova, Biblioteca Antoniana, scaff. I, 27.

Repr. in D. Ó Cróinín, Early Irish history and chronology, pp. 58-75.

Ryan (Kathleen): Holes and flaws in medieval Irish manuscripts.
In Peritia 6–7 (1987–1988), pp. 243–264.
[1.] Introduction; [2.] The structure of skin; [3.] The preparation of parchment; [4.] Disease and environment; [5.] Examination of parchment [examines flaws in five RIA MSS: Cathach of St. Columba, Lebor na hUidre, Leabhar Breac, Book of Lecan and Book of Fermoy]; [6.] Age and size of animals; [7.] Herd management; [8.] Cost of production; [9.] Position and size of flaws; [10.] Discussion.

Cosgrove (Art): The Armagh registers: an under-explored source for late medieval Ireland.
In Peritia 6–7 (1987–1988), pp. 307–320.
Analyses the registers as a source for social and legal history.

Ganz (David): Julian Brown (1923–1987).
In Peritia 6–7 (1987–1988), pp. 367–369.