Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 62 (2015)
de Gruyter
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 42 (2016), 289-291.
Hily (Gaël): Et la vache devint abeille: le jugement par analogie dans l’Irlande médiévale.
In ZCP 62 (2015), pp. 21–43.
Studies the elaboration of judgements on bees by analogy with cows in the Bechbretha law tract.

Lewin (Christopher): A Manx sermon from 1696.
In ZCP 62 (2015), pp. 45–96.
Edited from Manx National Heritage Library MS 13221/2/1, with English translation and linguistic notes.

McDonald (Roderick W.): Vikings in the Hebridean economy: methodology and Gaelic language evidence of Scandinavian influence.
In ZCP 62 (2015), pp. 97–182.

Miller (Stephen): ‘Unable to express himself in English’ … The Rev. E. B. Savage and his search for the last monoglots of Manx (1884).
In ZCP 62 (2015), pp. 183–198.

Zair (Nicholas): Old Irish gniid ‘makes, does’, Middle Welsh gweinydaf ‘serve’, and i-presents.
In ZCP 62 (2015), pp. 213–222.