McLeod (Neil): Di ércib fola.
In Ériu 52 (2002), pp. 123–216.
[1.] Introduction; [2.] The dubious evidence for a bánbéim of three séts; [3.] The three-sét single-symptom blow (c. AD 650?); [4.] The demise of the three-sét single-symptom blow (from c. AD 675?); [5.] The rise of the two-and-a-half-sét single-symptom blow (c. AD 697?); [6.] The early commentaries (from c. AD 1000?); [7.] Subsequent commentaries (from c. AD 1100); [8.] Later developments; [9.] Crólige cumaile and the seven-sét bandage-wound; [10.] An edition of DEF [normalised with transl. based on the various texts in CIH]; [11.] The commentaries; [12.] Legal procedure in injury cases; [12.] Dating the commentaries; [13.] The MS traditions; [14.] The complilation of MS A; [15.] The relationship between the MSS; [16.] The common material; [17.] Other sources; [18.] An edition of the commentaries to DEF [normalised with transl.]. Incl. brief index to lexical notes.



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