Sharpe (Richard): Roderick O’Flaherty’s letters to William Molyneux, Edward Lhwyd, and Samuel Molyneux, 1696-1709 / edited with notes and an introduction by Richard Sharpe.
Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 2013. xvii + 538 pp.
An annotated edition of 56 letters, mostly written by O’Flaherty but including some sent to him by S. Molyneux. Introduction [incl. R. O’Fl.'s life; Writings of R. O’Fl.; R. O’Fl.'s Ogygia vindicated; Fate of R. O’Fl.'s MSS], Texts, Appendices, Bibliography [incl. MSS in R. O’Fl.'s hand], Indices. In Appendices: 1. O’Flaherty’s revised Latin poem; 2. Books cited or used by O’Flaherty; 3. Copies of Ogygia; 4. Manuscripts from the Southwell papers.

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