Davies (Sioned) (ed.), Jones (Nerys Ann) (ed.): The horse in Celtic culture: medieval Welsh perspectives / edited by Sioned Davies and Nerys Ann Jones.
Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1997. xvi + 190 pp.
Papers from two conferences, held in Cardiff, 1993, and Edinburgh, 1994.

Rev. by
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Kelly (Patricia): The earliest words for ‘horse’ in the Celtic languages.
In The horse in Celtic culture (1997), pp. 43–63.
Generic terms: 1. OIr. ech; 2. W march, OIr. marc; 3. MW cafall, ceffyl, caffon, OIr. capall; 4. W gorwydd; 5. W eddystyr [OIr. adastar]; 6. OIr. gabor; 7. mandu? [MIr. menn]. ‘Stallion’ [OIr. caullach, etc.]. ‘Gelding’ [OIr. meile]. ‘Mare’ [OIr. láir]. ‘Foal’ [OIr. lurchaire; OIr. serrach].