Bolton (Timothy) (ed.), Sigurðsson (Jón Viðar) (ed.): Celtic-Norse relationships in the Irish Sea in the Middle Ages 800-1200 / edited by Jón Viðar Sigurðsson and Timothy Bolton.
NW, 65. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2014. xvi + 223 pp.
Papers from a conference held in Oslo, 3-6 November 2005.

Rev. by
Anders Ahlqvist, in JAEMA 10 (2014), pp. 131-133.


Downham (Clare): Vikings’ settlements in Ireland before 1014.
In Celtic-Norse relationships (2014), pp. 1–21.

Etchingham (Colmán): Names for the Vikings in Irish annals.
In Celtic-Norse relationships (2014), pp. 23–38.
Genti, Gaill, Nordmanni, Nortmainn, Laithlinn, Gaill-Goídil, Dubgaill/Dubgenti, Finngaill/Finngenti.

Edmonds (Fiona): Saints’ cults and Gaelic-Scandinavian influence around the Cumberland coast and north of the Solway Firth.
In Celtic-Norse relationships (2014), pp. 39–63.
Discusses the transmission of Irish saints’ cults to the Solway region during the Viking age, examining the development of the cults of Brigit and Sanctán as case studies.

Crawford (Barbara E.): The Kingdom of Man and the Earldom of Orkney: some comparisons.
In Celtic-Norse relationships (2014), pp. 65–80.

Rekdal (Jan Erik): Pagan myth and Christian doctrine.
In Celtic-Norse relationships (2014), pp. 109–118.