McClure (J. Derrick) (ed.): Doonsin’ emerauds: new scrieves anent Scots an Gaelic = new studies in Scots and Gaelic / edited by J. Derrick McClure.
BSLCP, 11. Belfast: Cló Ollscoil na Banríona, 2004. x + 114 pp.
Papers from a conference held in Dumfries (Scotland), 6-9 August 2003.


McColl Millar (Robert): Linguistic history on the margins of the Germanic speaking world: some preliminary thoughts.
In Doonsin’ emerauds (2004), pp. 3–17.
§2.3: Northern Scotland.

Breeze (Andrew): Scottish place-names: the way ahead.
In Doonsin’ emerauds (2004), pp. 18–23.
Discusses the following Scottish place-names: 1. Noss Head, Piltanton Burn, Bennachie, and Dunscanby Head; 2. Arran, Cumnock, Girvan, and Irvine; 3. Loquhariot; 4. Pennango and Soutra.

MacKinnon (Kenneth): Gaelic in the 2001 census: a few green shoots amidst the gloom.
In Doonsin’ emerauds (2004), pp. 24–35.

Ó Donnaíle (Caoimhín): The Celtic Cognates Database.
In Doonsin’ emerauds (2004), pp. 36–42.

Smith (Roz): Languages other than English in Scottish newspapers.
In Doonsin’ emerauds (2004), pp. 103–114.
On the use of Gaelic in the local press.