Breeze (Andrew): Notes on some cruces in Middle Scots poetry: Henryson’s Bawdronis, dart oxin and bacis, Dunbar’s Strenever and Wallidrag, Gavin Douglas’s Lundeys Lufe, Threte and Treilʓeis.
In ScotL 29 (2010), pp. 1–15.
[1.] Henryson’s Bawdronis the cat [not < Ir. beadrach]; [2.] Henryson’s dart oxin [< Ir. dairt]; [3.] bacis in Henryson’s The annunciation; [4.] Dunbar’s Strenever; [5.] Wallydrag ‘good-fot-nothing’ and Gaelic [< MIr. súaitrech]; [6.] Gavin Douglas’s Of Lundeys Lufe; [7.] Gavin Douglas’s in threte [< Ir. i dtraite]; [8.] Gavin Douglas’s Treilʓeis [< Ir. trilis].



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