Scottish studies: the journal of the School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh 37 (2014): Craobh nan ubhal: a festschrift in honour of John MacInnes.
School of Scottish Studies
MacInnes (John) (hon.)
Blankenhorn (Virginia S.): John MacInnes: a biographical note.
In ScS 37 (2014), pp. xi–xxiii.

Bourke (Angela): ‘A bhean úd thall!': macallaí idirghaelacha i bhfilíocht bhéil na mban.
In ScS 37 (2014), pp. 37–47.

Cheape (Hugh): ‘Tha feum air cabhaig’: the initiative of the Folklore Institute of Scotland.
In ScS 37 (2014), pp. 53–62.

Dunbar (Robert): The School of Scottish Studies and language policy and planning for Gaelic.
In ScS 37 (2014), pp. 72–82.

Fraser (Ian A.): ‘The disembowelled horse’: a place-name tale from Gaelic oral tradition.
In ScS 37 (2014), pp. 83–85.
Refers to Allt Leacachain in Ross-shire.

Gillies (William): Cacmhor an comann na Goill.
In ScS 37 (2014), pp. 86–93.
Ascr. to Duncan MacGregor. 4 verses., edited from the Book of the Dean of Lismore. Diplomatic text, ‘Dean’s version’, and restored text; with English translation and notes.

MacilleDhuibh (Raghnall): An t-each-uisge.
In ScS 37 (2014), pp. 125–133.

McLeod (Wilson): Luchd na Gàidhlig and the ‘detritus of a nation’.
In ScS 37 (2014), pp. 149–154.
Discusses the semantic contrast between the terms luchd na Gàidhlig and na Gàidheil.

Ó Maolalaigh (Roibeard): Am buadhfhacal meadhan-aoiseach meranach agus mearan, mearanach, dàsachdach, dàsan(n)ach na Gàidhlig.
In ScS 37 (2014), pp. 183–206.
Argues MIr. meranach (in the name Aedh Meranach) could be based on *meránach, ultimately < mer ‘demented’.

Purser (John): The significance of music in the Gàidhealtachd in the pre- and early-historic period.
In ScS 37 (2014), pp. 207–221.