Ó Murchú (L. P.): Dha dhearbhú.
In Éigse 29 (1996), pp. 137–149.
Two poetic asseverations, Dar mála mo phípe is dar an lán atá inti by Tomás Aerach and Lé sealad mé gan codladh séimh acht arraing ghéar 'om luascadh by Patrick Reddan. Ed. with metrical analysis, linguistic notes and glossaries, from MSS RIA 23 I 26 and RIA 23 I 35 resp. Cf. L. P. Ó Murchú, in Éigse 17/2 (1978), pp. 237-264, ÉtC 29 (1992), pp. 327-332.



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