Taylor (Simon) (ed.): Kings, clerics and chronicles in Scotland, 500-1297: essays in honour of Marjorie Ogilvie Anderson on the occasion of her ninetieth birthday / Simon Taylor, editor.
Dublin: Four Courts, 2000. 208 pp.
pp. 187-188: Bibliography of Alan Orr Anderson, 1879-1958, compiled by Simon Taylor, in consultation with M. O. A.;
pp. 189-199: Bibliography of M. O. A., compiled by Simon Taylor.

Rev. by
NIcholas Evans, in Early medieval Europe 11/4 (2002), pp. 406-407.
Anderson (Marjorie Ogilvie) (hon.)


Forsyth (Katherine): Evidence of a lost Pictish source in the Historia regum Anglorum of Symeon of Durham.
In Kings, clerics and chronicles in Scotland [M. O. Anderson essays] (2000), pp. 19–34.
In Appendix: Ovania and /wu-/, /wo-/ < Celtic /wo-/, /we-/ (, /wi-/) in Pictish, by John T. Koch.
Koch (John T.) (app. auth.)

Sharpe (Richard): The thriving of Dalriada.

Herbert (Máire): Rí Éirenn, Rí Alban: kingship and identity in the ninth and tenth centuries.

Dumville (David N.): The chronicle of the kings of Alba.
In Kings, clerics and chronicles in Scotland [M. O. Anderson essays] (2000), pp. 73–86.
Discusses the Scottish chronicle in MS Paris, BNF, Latin 4126.

Clancy (Thomas Owen): Scotland, the ‘Nennian’ recension of the Historia Brittonum, and the Lebor Bretnach.
In Kings, clerics and chronicles in Scotland [M. O. Anderson essays] (2000), pp. 87–107.
Argues in favour of a Scottish provenance for the ‘Nennian’ recension of Historia Brittonum and its translation into Irish. In Appendix: The attribution of the Lebor Bretnach to Gilla Cóemáin.

Broun (Dauvit): The church of St. Andrews and its foundation legend in the early twelfth century: recovering the full text of version A of the foundation legend.

Taylor (Simon): The coming of the Augustinians to St. Andrews and version B of the St. Andrews foundation legend.

Howlett (David): The structure of De situ Albanie.

Duncan (A. A. M.): Sources and uses of the Chronicle of Melrose, 1165-1297.