Ó Concheanainn (Tomás): Textual and historical associations of Leabhar na hUidhre.
In Éigse 29 (1996), pp. 65–120.
1. The scribes; 2. The title of the manuscript; 3. The history of LU from 1359 to 1470; 4. Gaps in the history of LU; 5. The Leth Cuinn orientation of the original contents of LU; 6. Sources of LU texts: (1) Lost manuscripts from Armagh and Monasterboice; (2) Cín (or Lebar) Dromma Snechta; 7. The entry of CDS texts into the Connacht tradition; 8. The probable contents of CDS; 9. LU and the CDS tradition; 10. The authors mentioned in LU; 11. The text of LG [Lebor Gabála] lost from LU; 12. A reference to Muirghius mac Páidín’s manuscript; 13. TBC and Tochmarc Emire (TE); 14. The manuscripts of TE; 15. The recensions of TE; 16. LU and the intact text of TE; 17. The version of TE represented by R [Rawlinson B 512]; 18. The relationship between R and the intact text: (A) Miscellaneous forms; (B) Infixes and suffixes; 19. Conclusions as to the textual history of TE. Continued in Éigse 30 (1997), pp. 27-91.



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