Herbert (Máire) (ed.), McNamara (Martin) (ed.): Irish biblical apocrypha: selected texts in translation / edited by Máire Herbert and Martin McNamara.
Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1989. xxxiii + 196 pp.
Old Testament: 1. The creation of Adam; 2. Creation and fall; 3. The penance of Adam; 4. Death of Adam; 5. Adam and his descendants; 6. The two sorrows of the Kingdom of Heaven; 7. Story of David; 8. The Power of women; 9. The deaths of the chief prophets.

New Testament: 10. Infancy Gospel; 11. The wonders of the night of the Nativity; 11a. Additional related text; 12. The Magi; 13. Anecdote concerning the Magi;14. Infancy Gospel of Thomas; 15. The Abgar legend; 16. Letter of Jesus on Sunday observance; 17. The mystical tree; 18. The death of John the Baptist; 19. Gospel of Nicodemus; 20. Texts relating to the Beloved Disciple; 20a. Episodes from the life of John, the Beloved Disciple; 20b. Fragment of an apocalypse, and death of John; 21. The acts of Peter and Paul;22. The passion of the Apostle Philip; 23. The evernew tongue; 24. Transitus Mariae; 25. Irish text of Visio Sancti Pauli; 26. The vision of Adomnán; 27. Antichrist; 28. The seven journeys of the soul; 29. The signs before Doomsday.

Rev. by
Pádraig Ó Macháin, in Éigse 25 (1991), pp. 209-211.