Peritia: journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland 2 (1983)
Medieval Academy of Ireland
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 23 (1986), pp. 370-371.
Ó Cróinín (Dáibhí): A fragment of Irish annals.
In Peritia 2 (1983), p. 58.
Ed. of 18th c. transcript of a small collection of Latin annals from MS PSL Gilbert Collection 169.

Ó Cróinín (Dáibhí): Early Irish annals from Easter tables: a case restated.
In Peritia 2 (1983), pp. 74–86.
Argues that marginal notes were added to Easter tables in Ireland from the sixth century and that this practise was widespread by the mid-seventh century; the earliest Irish chronicle was compiled from these notes in the mid-eighth century.

Repr. in D. Ó Cróinín, Early Irish history and chronology, pp. 76-86.

Nicholls (K. W.): Late medieval Irish annals: two fragments.
In Peritia 2 (1983), pp. 87–102.
Edition of fragments of annals in Latin: 1. Annales anonymi from MSS BL Additional 4793, PROL SP 63/214; 2. A single entry from Annals of Nenagh s.a. 1399 from MS BL Additional 4821; 3. Annals of Duisk from MS TCD E 3. 10 and BL Lansdowne 418).

Moisl (Hermann): The Bernician royal dynasty and the Irish in the seventh century.
In Peritia 2 (1983), pp. 103–126.
Incl. discussion of English events recorded in Irish chronicles (to A.D. 1000) and Anglo-Saxon names in King tales.

Ó Riain-Raedel (Dagmar): Twelfth- and thirteenth-century Irish annals in Vienna.
In Peritia 2 (1983), pp. 127–136.
Edition with commentary of the Irish events recorded in the Latin chronicle of the Schottenkloster of Vienna. Text from Österreichische Nationalbibliothek MSS 926 and 364.

Sharpe (R.): Were the Irish annals known to a twelfth-century Northumbrian writer?
In Peritia 2 (1983), pp. 137–139.
Discusses references to Irish writings in Libellus de nativitate S. Cuthberti de historiis Hibernensium exceptus et translatus written c. 1185.

Keen (M. H.): Chivalry and courtly love.
In Peritia 2 (1983), pp. 149–169.
Denis Bethell Memorial Lecture I.
Bethell (Denis) (hon.)

Rittmueller (Jean): The Gospel commentary of Máel Brigte ua Máeluanaig and its Hiberno-Latin background.
In Peritia 2 (1983), pp. 185–214.
Argues that this early twelfth-century commentary in MS Harley 1802 drew on seventh- and eighth-century Hiberno-Latin sources rather than the ‘new learning’ of the Paris schools.

Baumgarten (Rolf): A Hiberno-Isidorian etymology.
In Peritia 2 (1983), pp. 225–228.
A medieval etymology of Scotti from the Lebor Gabála.

Ó Cróinín (Dáibhí): The Irish provenance of Bede’s computus.
In Peritia 2 (1983), pp. 229–247.
Argues that the computus which Bede used at Jarrow was compiled in southern Ireland in 658 AD.

Repr. in D. Ó Cróinín, Early Irish history and chronology, pp. 173-190.

Byrne (F. J.): Monastica et onomastica.
In Peritia 2 (1983), pp. 261–264.
Identifies dat. sg. Deachraidh in poem, Triallom timcheall na Fódla by Seaán Mór Ó Dubhagáin, as the same element seen in Mag nDechrad (< *Dechrae), located adjacent to Donaghpatrick (Co. Meath).

Nicholls (K. W.): A Charter of John, Lord of Ireland, in favour of Matthew ua Hénni, archbishop of Cashel.
In Peritia 2 (1983), pp. 267–276.
Ed. of Lat charter (1192×1193) with identifications and commentary on place-names mentioned therein from MS PROL C 146/9841.