Ériu: founded as the journal of the School of Irish Learning devoted to Irish philology and literature 49 (1998)
Royal Irish Academy
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 35 (2003), pp. 409-410.
McCone (Kim): ‘King’ and ‘queen’ in Celtic and Indo-European.
In Ériu 49 (1998), pp. 1–12.
On the etymology of OIr. , rígain and related forms.

Hollo (Kaarina): Cú Chulainn and Síd Truim.
In Ériu 49 (1998), pp. 13–22.
[1.] Introduction: reference to Síd Truim in poem in Serglige Con Culainn; [2.] Síd Truim and the Tuatha Dé Danann; [3.] Síd Truim as the place of Cú Chulainn’s birth: in first version of tale Compert Con Culainn contained in MS RIA D iv 2 (1223); [4.] Síd Truim as the place of Cú Chulainn’s burial: in poem A Oisín fuirigh ar Dhia; [5.] The location of Síd Truim; [6.] Conclusions.

Simms (Katharine): The contents of later commentaries on the Brehon law tracts.
In Ériu 49 (1998), pp. 23–40.
On the contemporary relevance of the later commentaries.

Bammesberger (Alfred): The etymology of Irish áit ‘place’.
In Ériu 49 (1998), pp. 41–43.

Mac Cárthaigh (Eoin): Article + uile + noun and IGT II §20.
In Ériu 49 (1998), pp. 45–70.
1. Text of IGT II §20; 2. Corpus of examples; 3. Index of poets in the corpus; 4. Discussion; 5. Statement of conclusions: incl. rules for the construction of article + uile + noun in dán díreach.

Toner (Gregory): The transmission of Tochmarc Emire.
In Ériu 49 (1998), pp. 71–88.
[1.] The relationship between the MSS of V [= the longer recension contained in MSS RIA 23 E 25, RIA D iv 2, Harley 5280, RIA 23 N 10, RIA 23 E 29 (Book of Fermoy), Egerton 92]; vs. T. Ó Concheanainn, in Éigse 29 (1996), pp. 96-100; [2.] The lost portion of R [= the shorter recension contained in MS Rawlinson B 512]; [3.] The relationship of V and R; [4.] The language of R and V; vs. T. Ó Concheanainn, in Éigse 30 (1997), pp. 102–18; [5.] Old and Middle Irish in V; [6.] Conclusion: V is an expanded version of R.
Ó Concheanainn (T.) (ref.)

McQuillan (Peter): On the semantics and pragmatics of cía in Early Irish.
In Ériu 49 (1998), pp. 89–119.
1. Introduction; 2. Cía in Early Irish adverbial clauses; 3. Cía in complement clauses; 4. Summary and conclusions.

Ó hUiginn (Ruairí): Complementation in Early Irish: the verba dicendi.
In Ériu 49 (1998), pp. 121–148.
Incl. app. with collection of references to dependent noun clauses and verbal noun phrases in a range of textual sources.

Schumacher (Stefan): The preterite of ithid ‘eats’.
In Ériu 49 (1998), pp. 149–160.
vs. GOI §689 (a). On the etymology of do-fúaid, -dóid, -dúaid, do-fúatar, do-fótar, -dótar, -dúatar, do-feotar, etc.

Isaac (G. R.): Varia: I. deibide.
In Ériu 49 (1998), pp. 161–163.
On the terms rannaigecht ‘unitary-stanza-making’ and deibide ‘differentiated, disagreeing (form)', the latter representing a substantivised adjectival derivative from deibe ‘difference, variety, disagreement’ + adjectival de, vs. GOI §392, where it is suggested that deibide derives from de + bíthe ‘cut in two’.

McCloskey (James): Varia: II. Trí nóta comhréire.
In Ériu 49 (1998), pp. 165–169.
1. On the absence of a before (transitive) verbal nouns when the object is not present in dialects of Donegal and Kerry; 2. ad J. McCloskey, in Ériu 46 (1995), pp. 159–164; addition of an example of ‘subject object a + verbal noun’ from Co. Waterford; 3. ad P. Mac Cana and D. P. Ó Baoill, in pp. 266-267 of Dán do oide: essays in memory of Conn R. Ó Cléirigh (Baile Átha Cliath 1997): on the use of impersonal forms of auxiliary verbs (, déan) with non-finite forms of the main verb.
Mac Cana (P.) (ref.), McCloskey (J.) (ref.), Ó Baoill (D. P.) (ref.)

Lindeman (Fredrik Otto): Varia: III. On the origin of OIr. *fo-noí ‘cooks’.
In Ériu 49 (1998), pp. 171–174.
Derives from *wo + nās-ı̄ (with Germanic congnates) which shifts semantically from ‘light a fire, make burn, heat’ to ‘cook, bake, boil’; also on the derivation of vn fuine from *wo-nes-o-.

de Brún (Pádraig): Varia: IV. IGT citations: some additional identifications.
In Ériu 49 (1998), pp. 175–176.
Provides 38 additional identifications to the 354 provided by D. McManus, in Ériu 48 (1997), pp. 83–101. Cf. D. McManus, in Ériu 51 (2000), pp. 193-194; 54 (2004), pp. 249-251; 55 (2005), p. 145.
McManus (D.) (ref.)