CMCS Publications
O’Connor (Ralph): Compilation as creative artistry: a reassessment of ‘narrative inconsistency’ in Togail bruidne Da Derga.
In CMCS 65 (Summer, 2013), pp. 1–48.
Deals systematically with thirty narrative inconsistencies identified in the text and explains them away as (A) aesthetically trivial, (B) non-existent, or (C) functioning to strengthen the saga’s narrative coherence at some level.

Arbuthnot (Sharon J.): Only fools and horses: dá n-ó bill and dá n-ó pill in medieval Irish texts.
In CMCS 65 (Summer, 2013), pp. 49–56.
Suggests the phrase dá n-ó bill (in the glosses to Félire Óengusso 3 July and Sanas Cormaic Y §179) represents phonetic spelling for dá n-ó pill ‘two ears of a horse’, and was mistakenly associated with OIr. bill, bell by early Irish glossators.