Ahlqvist (Anders) (ed.), O’Neill (Pamela) (ed.): Celts and their cultures at home and abroad: A Festschrift for Malcolm Broun / edited by Anders Ahlqvist and Pamela O’Neill.
SSCS, 15. Sydney: Celtic Studies Foundation, University of Sydney, 2013. x + 380 pp. (Sydney Series in Celtic Studies, 15).
Rev. by
Antone Minard, in Speculum 90/2 (Apr., 2015), pp. 485-487.


Ahlqvist (Anders): Old Irish no·.

Griffith (Aaron): Irish suide/-side ‘the aforementioned’.

Hayden (Deborah): Two fragments of Auraicept na n-éces in the Irish Franciscan Archive: context and content.
In Celts and their cultures at home and abroad [Fs. Malcolm Broun] (2013), pp. 91–124.
Discusses material from Franciscan A 10.

MacQuarrie (Charles W.): Celticity in the works of William Shakespeare: ‘Heavens defend me from that Welsh fairy, lest he transform me to a piece of cheese!'.

McLeod (Neil): Ón and airliciud: loans in medieval Irish law.
In Celts and their cultures at home and abroad [Fs. Malcolm Broun] (2013), pp. 169–196.
Suggests that the airliciud is different from the ón in that the former involves proprietary rights (rather than merely possessory) and included the right to alienate the property to a third party.

Melia (Daniel F.): ‘What are you talking about?': Tochmarc Ailbe and courtship flytings.

O’Neill (Pamela): The meaning of muirbolc: a Gaelic toponymic mystery.

Sumner (Natasha): Laoidh an tàilleir ‘The ballad of the tailor’: sartorial satire and social change in eighteenth-century Scotland.

Taylor (Alasdair), Taylor (Brian): Lost—and some found: Scottish Gaelic manuscripts in New South Wales.