Éigse: a journal of Irish studies 33 (2002)
National University of Ireland
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 36 (2008), pp. 242-245.
Karl Horst Schmidt, in ZCP 54 (2004), pp. 325-326.
Ó Cathasaigh (Tomás): The oldest story of the Laigin: observations on Orgain Denna Ríg.
In Éigse 33 (2002), pp. 1–18.
Rechtas and lánríge and their political significance in ODR, and analysis of the form and structure of the narrative.

Repr. in Coire sois, pp. 422-438.

Dumville (David N.): Félire Óengusso: problems of dating a monument of Old Irish.
In Éigse 33 (2002), pp. 19–48.
Revises the methodology used to establish the date of composition of and the Martyrology of Tallaght. Suggests terminus ante quem non of 797 for . Cf. P. Ó Riain, in CMCS 20 (Winter, 1990), pp. 21-38.

Murray (Kevin): Baile in Scáil and Baile Bricín.
In Éigse 33 (2002), pp. 49–56.
Argues that BBr is a conscious reworking of BinS.

Ó Murchadha (Diarmuid): Carman, site of Óenach Carmain: a proposed location.
In Éigse 33 (2002), pp. 57–70.
Silliothill in Co. Kildare.

Falileyev (Alexander): Early Irish céir ‘bee’s wax’.
In Éigse 33 (2002), pp. 71–74.
is a loanword from British-Latin dated to the 5th-6th century, contemporary with the introduction of beekeeping into Ireland.

Ó Cróinín (Dáibhí): A new Old Irish gloss in a Munich manuscript.
In Éigse 33 (2002), pp. 75–76.
MS Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Clm 14429, fol. 225va6, previously regarded as Old High German.

Repr. in D. Ó Cróinín, Early Irish history and chronology, pp. 131-132.

Breatnach (Pádraig A.): A seventeenth-century abridgement of Beatha Aodha Ruaidh Uí Dhomhnaill.
In Éigse 33 (2002), pp. 77–172.
Ed. from MS NLI G 488, with introduction, English translation and notes.

Ua Súilleabháin (Seán): Glac bheag focal.
In Éigse 33 (2002), pp. 173–178.
1. airchisín (Pluincéad); 2. miúndáil/meanndáil/miondáil; 3. aillbhil (Pluincéad); 4. ghiúch/giúch/iúch/ (?) dhiúch/ (?) diúch; 5. creithinisí/cleathainisí/greathainisí, creathnais.

Ó Con Cheanainn (Tomás): Seanchas ar Mhuintir Laidhe.
In Éigse 33 (2002), pp. 179–225.
Various traditions concerning the Ó Laidhe family, esp. Murchadh (Mrocha) Ó Laidhe; incl. an account of MS Dublin, RIA 23 P 10 ii (Book of the O’Lees).

Ó Con Cheanainn (Tomás): Brian Ó Cuív (1916–1999).
In Éigse 33 (2002), pp. 227–228.
Ó Cuív (Brian) (hon.)

Ó Coileáin (Seán): R. A. Breatnach (1911–2001).
In Éigse 33 (2002), pp. 229–232.
Breatnach (R. A.) (hon.)