Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 60 (2013)
de Gruyter
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 40 (2014), pp. 361-363.
Mac Eoin (Gearóid): Karl Horst Schmidt.
In ZCP 60 (2013), pp. 1–3.

de Bernardo Stempel (Patrizia), Mac Eoin (Gearóid), Zimmer (Stefan): Publikationsverzeichnis Karl Horst Schmidt, 1994–2012.
In ZCP 60 (2013), p. 5.

Delamarre (Xavier): Longidienus, faber navalis à Ravenne, le toponyme Lombard et le thème longo- ‘navire’ en vieux celtique.
In ZCP 60 (2013), pp. 19–26.

Dillon (Charles): Features of the Irish dialect of counties Cavan / Fermanagh, as evidenced in 18th century manuscript production.
In ZCP 60 (2013), pp. 27–50.
Investigates the dialect of eighteenth-century South Ulster scribe Eoghan Ó Raghallaigh, based on the evidence of MS Waterford 18.

Flohr (Harald): The phenomenon of language contact: English influence on Irish and Welsh found in the translations of Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
In ZCP 60 (2013), pp. 65–116.

Ní Úrdail (Meidhbhín): An elegy on the death of Fr Nicholas Sheehy.
In ZCP 60 (2013), pp. 151–174.
Do chuala geoin ag slóite ar thaoibh cnoic, variously attributed to Liam Ó hIfearnáin and Seán Cundún. Critical edition, from RIA 23 M 21 and 12 E 24; spelling modernized. With English translation and textual notes.

Smith (Peter): A eolcha Érenn airde: a medieval poem on the pre-Christian kings of Ireland.
In ZCP 60 (2013), pp. 175–238.
48 qq., attributed to Gilla Cóemáin. Critical edition from MSS Brussels 2569–72, Cambridge Add. 3084, NLI G 131, RIA 23 K 32, B i 1a, B iv 2, C iv 3, D ii 1, TCD H 5. 28, Maynooth C 88; normalized to Early Modern Irish spelling. With English translation, textual notes and commentary, indexes.

Wiley (Dan M.): A medieval Irish ghost story.
In ZCP 60 (2013), pp. 239–274.
A discussion of the Middle Irish narrative entitled Scél Choirpri Chruim 7 Móelsechlaind meic Móelrúanaid. In Appendix: an edition of the first recension, beg. Epscop úasal ro-buí hi Clúain meic Nóis), based on RIA 23 P 16 with variants from Egerton 92 and Brussels 5100–04; with English translation and notes.