Duffy (Seán): Irishmen and islesmen in the kingdoms of Dublin and Man, 1052-1171.
In Ériu 43 (1992), pp. 93–133.
[1.] The first phase: Leinster control; [2.] The period of Munster control; [3.] Godred Crovan: An interloper from the Isles; [4.] Domnall mac Taidc: A Munsterman as king of the Isles; [5.] Magnus Barelegs and Ireland; [6.] The last gasps of Munster dominance; [7.] Connacht’s turn; [8.] Ottar: Another interloper from the Isles; [9.] The overlordship of Ulster; [10.] Dublin invades Man and Man invades Dublin; [11.] Dublin and the Anglo-Norman invasion.



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