Peritia: journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland 22–23 (2011–2012)
Weeda (Peter): The Irish, the Virgin Mary and Proclus of Constantinople.
In Peritia 22–23 (2011–2012), pp. 83–106.
Analyses a group of five attributes of Mary found in four Old Irish texts: Stowe tract on the Mass, Cáin Adomnáin, Cú Chuimne’s Hymnum in laudem S. Mariae, Blathmac’s poems.

Smith (Peter J.): Irish synchronistic poem on emperors and kings.
In Peritia 22–23 (2011–2012), pp. 107–148.
Imarcaig sund ar gach saíd (108 qq.), dated to ca. 1200. Text based on RIA MS D ii 1, normalised to late Middle Irish spelling system; with English translation, textual notes, manuscript readings, commentary, indexes.

Deane (Marion): From knowledge to acknowledgement: Feis tige Becfholtaig.
In Peritia 22–23 (2011–2012), pp. 148–176.

Howlett (David): Gematria in Irish verse.
In Peritia 22–23 (2011–2012), pp. 177–181.
A numerical analysis of Scíth mo chrob ón scríbainn, preserved in MS Laud 615 and ascribed to Colum Cille.

Howlett (David): The Old-Irish hymn Brigit bé bithmaith.
In Peritia 22–23 (2011–2012), pp. 182–187.
A prosodic analysis of Ultan’s hymn (Thes. ii 323-326).

Ó Corráin (Donnchadh): What happened Ireland’s medieval manuscripts?
In Peritia 22–23 (2011–2012), pp. 191–223.
Argues that contrary to received opinion the greatest loss of Irish manuscripts occurred in the early modern period during the English conquest of Ireland.

MacCotter (Paul): Túath, manor and parish: the kingdom of Fir Maige, the cantred of Fermoy.
In Peritia 22–23 (2011–2012), pp. 224–274.
Study based on an examination of the topographical tract entitled Críchadh an Chaoilli.

MacCotter (Paul): Drong and dál as synonyms for óenach.
In Peritia 22–23 (2011–2012), pp. 275–280.

Moffat (Kaaren): The ‘grammar of legibility’: word separation in Ogam.
In Peritia 22–23 (2011–2012), pp. 281–294.

Ritari (Katja): Liturgy, and asceticism: recent works on early Irish theology.
In Peritia 22–23 (2011–2012), pp. 346–355.
Review article of: (1) Prophecy, miracles, angels, and heavenly light?, by James Bruce (Carlisle, 2004); (2) Adomnán and the holy places, by Thomas O’Loughlin (London and New York, 2007); (3) Sacred time in early Christian Ireland, by Patricia M. Rumsey (London and New York, 2007); (4) Early Irish monasticism, by Catherine Thom (London and New York, 2006).