Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 59 (2012)
de Gruyter
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 40 (2014), pp. 359-361.
Plassmann (Alheydis): Michael Richter †.
In ZCP 59 (2012), pp. 1–3.

Bondarenko (Grigory): The Dindṡenchas of Irarus: the king, the druid and the probable tree.
In ZCP 59 (2012), pp. 5–26.
An analysis of the two versions of the prose dindshenchas relating to Irarus. Supplies semidiplomatic edition of the Rennes and LL texts, with variants from H 3. 3 and the Book of Lecan. Includes a discussion of the obscure word erus.

Duncan (Elizabeth): A reassessment of the script and make-up of Lebor na Nuachongbála.
In ZCP 59 (2012), pp. 27–66.
Provides detailed palaeographical descriptions of the principal hands of this manuscript.

Egeler (Matthias): Some thoughts on ‘Goddess Medb’ and her typological context.
In ZCP 59 (2012), pp. 67–96.
On the possible mythological background to the literary figure of queen Medb.

Färber (Beatrix): Bedeutung und Rezeptionsgeschichte des Foras Feasa ar Éirinn (c. 1634) von Geoffrey Keating (Seathrún Céitinn).
In ZCP 59 (2012), pp. 97–117.

Ivanov (Sergey): Three colours of the tree.
In ZCP 59 (2012), pp. 119–128.
Investigates the source of the motif of colour-changing trees in the Irish and French medieval literary traditions (with particular reference to In tenga bithnua).

Matasović (Ranko): Dybo’s Law in Proto-Celtic.
In ZCP 59 (2012), pp. 129–141.
Reviews the evidence for Dybo’s Law (reformulated as *H > Ø / {i, u, Ra }_) and argues that there are no good reasons to assume that PIE *ē, *ō (also < *eH, *oH) are shortened in pretonic syllables.

Ní Mhaonaigh (Máire): A neglected account of the battle of Clontarf.
In ZCP 59 (2012), pp. 143–167.
Discusses an Irish text found in MS Rawlinson B 486, with particular reference to its relationship to other accounts of the same event. Includes transcription and English translation.

Ní Úrdail (Meidhbhín): A poem on the adventures abroad and death of Donnchadh son of Brian Bóraimhe.
In ZCP 59 (2012), pp. 169–199.
Dursan toisg Dhonnchaidh mheic Briain. Text (38 qq.) based on TCD H 5. 9 (quatrain 3 only in Book of Lismore); with English translation and notes.

Sayers (William): Netherworld and Otherworld in early Irish literature.
In ZCP 59 (2012), pp. 201–230.
Discusses the topographical position of the Irish Otherworld, arguing it was displaced upwards and beyond in a 90º degree shift from an original subterranean and submarine location.