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Papers from a conference held in Dublin, 19-21 September 1995.

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Kristjánsson (Jónas): Ireland and the Irish in Icelandic tradition.

Rekdal (Jan Erik): Parallels between the Norwegian legend of St. Sunniva and Irish voyage tales.

Doherty (Charles): The Vikings in Ireland: a review.

Clarke (Howard B.): Proto-towns and towns in Ireland and Britain in the ninth and tenth centuries.
In Ireland and Scandinavia in the early Viking age (1998), pp. 331–380.
Includes a discussion of the Dublin longphort sites.

Ní Mhaonaigh (Máire): Friend and foe: Vikings in ninth- and tenth-century Irish literature.
In Ireland and Scandinavia in the early Viking age (1998), pp. 381–402.
A survey of the portrayal of Irish-Scandinavian relations in early Irish literature.