Herbert (Máire): Iona, Kells, and Derry: the history and hagiography of the monastic familia of Columba.
Oxford: Clarendon, 1988. xiii + 327 pp.
Part I: The history of the monastic federation of Colum Cille; Part II: The Columban hagiography [On Vita Columbae, Betha Adamnáin, and Betha Coluim Cille]; Part III: Texts [Edition of the Irish life of Colum Cille, based on the Leabhar Breac text with variant readings from King’s Inns 10, Egerton 91, BNF celtique et basque 1, Book of Lismore, RIA 24 P 25 and NLS 72.1.40. With English translation and textual notes].

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