Quaestio insularis: selected proceedings of the Cambridge Colloquium in Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic 6 (2005)
Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic, University of Cambridge
Thomsett (Harriet): Migration of manuscripts across the Sea of Moyle: a case study.
In Quaestio insularis 6 (2005), pp. 25–41.
On the origins and contents of a now lost Gaelic manuscript (NLS MS Advocates’ 72.1.32).

Zumbühl (Mark): The men who would be king? The Ua Briain exiles in the North, revisited.
In Quaestio insularis 6 (2005), pp. 62–81.

Boyle (Elizabeth): Stranger in a strange land: an Irish monk in Germany and a vision of the afterlife.
In Quaestio insularis 6 (2005), pp. 120–134.