Lubotsky (Alexander) (ed.): Sound law and analogy: papers in honour of Robert S. P. Beekes on the occasion of his 60th birthday / edited by Alexander Lubotsky.
Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1997. xiv + 378 pp.
Rev. by
Michael Weiss, in Kratylos 45 (2000), pp. 58-68.
Beekes (Robert S. P.) (hon.)


McCone (Kim): Léic úait inna biada milsi (Wb. 6c7): ‘put from you the sweet foods’.
In Sound law and analogy [Fs. Beekes] (1997), pp. 171–175.
Discusses the etymological relationship between OIr. biad (< PC *beyatom) and bíathaid (< PC *bētāti; both ultimately < * √gweyh3- ‘live’), arguing that the difference in root vocalism is due to rule-governed loss of laryngeal in the PC form underlying bíathaid.

Schrijver (Peter): Animal, vegetable and mineral: some Western European substratum words.
In Sound law and analogy [Fs. Beekes] (1997), pp. 293–316.

Zimmer (Stefan): Gallisch DIVERTOMV, kymrisch llawer, tocharisch A want-wraske.
In Sound law and analogy [Fs. Beekes] (1997), pp. 353–358.
§2. “Altkymrisch lauer'' also concerns OIr. loor, lour and il.