Ériu: founded as the journal of the School of Irish Learning devoted to Irish philology and literature 41 (1990)
Royal Irish Academy
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 30 (1994), pp. 359-362.
Ó Néill (Pádraig P.): Welsh anterth, Old Irish anteirt.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 1–11.
< Lat. ante tertiam.

Wright (Charles D.): The three ‘victories’ of the wind: a Hibernicism in the Hisperica famina, Collectanea Bedae, and the Old English prose Solomon and Saturn Pater Noster dialogue.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 13–25.

Mac Cana (Proinsias): On the accusative of destination.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 27–36.

Breatnach (Caoimhín): The early modern version of Scéla mucce Meic Da Thó: tempus, locus, persona et causa scribendi.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 37–60.
1. The manuscripts; 2. Relationship of [MSS] P [RIA 24 P 12], G [NLI G 448] and H [TCD 1412 (H 6.8)]; 3. Scribes and MSS; 4. Possible date and scribe of P [wr. between 1638 and 1648 by Giolla Pádraig Ó Luinín]; 5. Rawlinson B 512 and the Early Modern version; 6. Additional topographical material; 7. Purpose of additional topographical material; 8. The significance of the Conall Cearnach episode; 9. The significance of further changes in the Early Modern version; 10. The relevance of the Early Modern version [tale reworked between 1567-90, and was written for the MacDonnells of Antrim to justify the murder of Seaán Ó Néill (1567) by the MacDonnells]; 11. The redactor of the Early Modern version [a member of the Ó Duibhgeannáin family or Brian Ó Gnímh]. App.: The Edinburgh version (E [NLS Advocates’ Library 72.1.36]) of SMMD. Cf. C. Breatnach, in Ériu 42 (1991), pp. 119-138; 43 (1992), pp. 159-176.

Ó Sé (Diarmuid): Tense and mood in Irish copula sentences.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 61–75.

Hollo (Kaarina): The alliterative structure of Mael Ísu Ua Brolcháin’s A aingil, beir.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 77–80.

Breeze (Andrew): The instantaneous harvest.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 81–93.
A survey of material from Celtic and other languages.

Breatnach (Liam): On the citation of words and a use of the neuter article in Old Irish.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 95–101.
Contains a corrective note to L. Breatnach, The Caldron of Poesy, in Ériu 32 (1981), pp. 45-93, on gen. sg. érmae.
Breatnach (Liam) (ref.)

Ó Cathasaigh (Tomás): On the Cín Dromma Snechta version of Togail brudne Uí Dergae.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 103–114.
vs. T. Ó Concheanainn, in CMCS 16 (Winter, 1988), pp. 1-40.

Repr. in Coire sois, pp. 399-411.

Baumgarten (Rolf): Etymological aetiology in Irish tradition.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 115–122.
On the de-onymization of place-names.

Lindeman (Fredrik Otto): Varia: I. 1. Archaic Irish ferba fíra: a speculative note.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 123–125.
vs. C. Watkins, in G. Cardona and N. H. Zide (eds.), Festschrift for Henry Hoenigswald (Tübingen 1987), 403; takes fíra to be acc. pl. fem. of adjective *wı̄ro/ā- < PIE *swēro/ā- ‘heavy’.

Lindeman (Fredrik Otto): Varia: I. 2. Ml. 43a8.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 125–126.
Emends fothonsnát to fotónsnát, an artificial compound with two pretonic prepositions.

Lindeman (Fredrik Otto): Varia: I. 3. Ml. 44b29.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 126–127.
Against the emendation of fochaid for MS foich < *fo-saich ‘evil’.

de Bhaldraithe (Tomás): Varia: II. 1. bionda/mionda.
In Ériu 41 (1990), p. 129.
vs. T. S. Ó Máille, in JCS 2 (1953), p. 141. Suggests a derivation from Engl. bent.
Ó Máille (T. S.) (ref.)

de Bhaldraithe (Tomás): Varia: II. 2. tlú/ulú.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 130–131.

Ó Sé (Diarmuid): Varia: III. The sporadic sound change f to h.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 133–136.

Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: IV. Old Irish tris(s).
In Ériu 41 (1990), p. 137.

Breatnach (Liam): Varia: V. 1. On the nasalization of the preverb to.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 139–140.

Breatnach (Liam): Varia: V. 2. The flexion of ainb ‘ignorant’.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 140–141.
Gen. sg. and pl. anfed.

Breatnach (Caoimhín): Varia: VI. blein for bliadhain in the Annals of Inisfallen.
In Ériu 41 (1990), pp. 143–146.