Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness 50 (1976–1978)
Gaelic Society of Inverness
MacDonald (Kenneth D.): The Rev. William Shaw: pioneer Gaelic lexicographer.
In TGSI 50 (1976–1978), pp. 1–19.

Barron (Hugh): Some notes on the parish of Kiltarlity.
In TGSI 50 (1976–1978), pp. 40–59.
Includes Notes on places.

MacAulay (Donald): The writing of Scottish Gaelic: uses of convention and innovation.
In TGSI 50 (1976–1978), pp. 81–96.

Thomson (Derick S.): Words and expressions from Lewis.
In TGSI 50 (1976–1978), pp. 173–200.
1. Work terminology and technical terms; 2. Play terms; 3. Movement; 4. Exclamations, retorts, endearments; 5. Proper names; Character (mental and physical); 7. Other descriptive terms; 8. Idiomatic usages and descriptive phrases; 9. Some metaphorical expressions; 10. Proverbial and other sayings; rhymes.

Fraser (Ian A.): Gaelic and Norse elements in coastal place names in the Western Isles.
In TGSI 50 (1976–1978), pp. 237–255.
1. Bays and inlets [ScG bàgh, camas, (t)òb, geodha, sloc, ON vík, etc.]; 2. Cliff and shore features [ScG tràigh, cleit, ON mol, sandr, etc.]; 3. Promontories and points [ScG rubha, aird, etc.]; 4. Rocks and reefs [ScG creag, sgeir (< ON sker), bogha (< ON boði), etc.]; 5. Island names [ON holmr, muli, etc.].

Gillies (William): Some aspects of Campbell history.
In TGSI 50 (1976–1978), pp. 256–295.
Discusses the question of the literary treatment of the origins of Clan Campbell, drawing upon evidence from Gaelic bardic poetry.

Black (Ronald): The genius of Cathal MacMhuirich.
In TGSI 50 (1976–1978), pp. 327–366.
Outlines Cathal’s work and life and assesses his literary quality (includes text and English translation of poem beginning Foraois éigeas Innse Gall).

Appendix 1: Cathal’s name; Appendix 2: Summary of Cathal’s work.

MacInnes (John): The panegyric code in Gaelic poetry and its historical background.
In TGSI 50 (1976–1978), pp. 435–498.
Analyses the conventions of Scottish Gaelic praise poetry from the period c. 1600-1745.

Repr. in Dùthchas nan Gàidheal, pp. 265-319.