Ériu: founded as the journal of the School of Irish Learning devoted to Irish philology and literature 61 (2011)
Royal Irish Academy
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 40 (2014), pp. 356-357.
McLeod (Neil): Fergus mac Léti and the law.
In Ériu 61 (2011), pp. 1–28.
Studies the saga of Fergus mac Léti, focusing on the version in the opening two sections of Cethairṡlicht athgabálae, and argues that §1 was composed in strict verse together with §2 with the purpose of illustrating the law of distraint. Includes the restored text and English translation of §1 of this version and of §2 of the Old Irish commentary version (which is also argued to be composed in verse), and supplies an additional section of the commentary version omitted in D. A. Binchy's edition in Ériu 16 (1952), pp. 33-48 (discussion in Appendix).

Moran (Pádraic): ‘A living speech’? The pronunciation of Greek in early medieval Ireland.
In Ériu 61 (2011), pp. 29–57.
Investigates the pronunciation of Greek in medieval Ireland based on a examination of Greek words in early Irish glossaries (O’Mulconry’s Glossary, Sanas Cormaic, Dúil Dromma Cetta).

Hoyne (Mícheál): A bardic poem to Diarmaid Ó Conchubhair Donn (†1600).
In Ériu 61 (2011), pp. 59–93.
Congaibh riot, a Ráith Chruachan, by Gofraidh Mac an Bhaird. 44 qq., from NLI G 181; with English translation and notes.

Corrigenda in Fuidheall áir, p. 217 n. 176.

Breatnach (Caoimhín): Manuscript abbreviations and other scribal features in the Liber flavus Fergusiorum.
In Ériu 61 (2011), pp. 95–163.

Zair (Nicholas): Varia: I. OIr. cuae, MW keu, MB queu ‘hollow’.
In Ériu 61 (2011), pp. 165–168.
Supports a reconstruction < *kau̯i̯o-, vs. LEIA C-258.

McManus (Damian): Varia: II. IGT/BST citations; some more identifications.
In Ériu 61 (2011), pp. 169–170.

Ó Riain (Gordon): Varia: III. Quatrains relating to the controversy of the Red Hand.
In Ériu 61 (2011), pp. 171–178.
Edition of three quatrains preserved in NLI G 127: 1. Níor dholta díbh go domhain; 2. A tiobraid na dtrí dteora ban; 3. Sgolta uaisle Inse Fáil. With English translation and notes.