Béaloideas: the journal of the Folklore of Ireland Society 50 (1982)
Folklore of Ireland Society
Broderick (George): Manx traditional songs and song-fragments II: Manx Museum MS. 450A.
In Béaloideas 50 (1982), pp. 4–41.
A collection of forty-nine songs from Manx Museum MS 450A; diplomatic texts with English translation.

Carey (John): Where is Hell?
In Béaloideas 50 (1982), pp. 42–43.
On a brief passage containing a reference to Seth and the daughters of Adam and a riddle concerning the location of hell, found in TCD MS H 3. 18 42a 34-36.

Doan (James E.): Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh as craftsman and trickster.
In Béaloideas 50 (1982), pp. 54–89.

Ó Giolláin (Diarmuid): An leipreachán san ainmníocht.
In Béaloideas 50 (1982), pp. 126–150.
Discusses the forms and distribution of sixteen basic Irish denominations of the lepracaun: clutharacán, geancánach, gréasaí leipreachán, leipreachán, loimreachán (?), lochradán, lochramán, loiridín, lorgadán, luadhacán, lúiricín, lúiridín, lúrachán, lutharadán, lutharagán.