Béaloideas: the journal of the Folklore of Ireland Society 45–47 (1977–1979)
Folklore of Ireland Society
Ó Muimhneacháin (Aindrias): An Cumann le Béaloideas Éireann, 1927-77.
In Béaloideas 45–47 (1977–1979), pp. 1–15.

Almqvist (Bo): The Irish Folklore Commission: achievement and legacy.
In Béaloideas 45–47 (1977–1979), pp. 6–26.

Stewart (James): The game of `an bhfuil agat? Tá' or the uses of bilingualism.
In Béaloideas 45–47 (1977–1979), pp. 244–258.
Discusses versions of a folk tale about Irish speakers who employ a linguistic trick on an English monoglot opponent in order to win a hand of cards.