Béaloideas: the journal of the Folklore of Ireland Society 42–44 (1974–1976)
Folklore of Ireland Society
Broderick (George): Four Manx folktales.
In Béaloideas 42–44 (1974–1976), pp. 41–61.
From the MSS. collection of Neg Beg Hom Ruy (Edward Faragher of Cregneash, 1831-1908); with English translation.

Ó Catháin (Séamas): Dáileadh roinnt scéalta de chuid AT 1699, Misunderstanding because of ignorance of a foreign language.
In Béaloideas 42–44 (1974–1976), pp. 120–135.
Discusses examples of miscommunication between Irish and English taken from Irish folklore material.