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Meek (Donald E.): The Scots-Gaelic scribes of late medieval Perthshire: an overview of the orthography and contents of the Book of the Dean of Lismore.
In Bryght lanternis (1989), pp. 387–404.
[1.] Scribes and period of compilation; [2.] Script and appearance of manuscript; [3.] Orthography: the social and cultural background; [4.] Principal contents; [5.]Provenance of bardic verse in the Book of the Dean of Lismore; [6.] Scribal alteration of texts; [7.] Conclusion.

Mac Giolla Léith (Caoimhín): From saga to folktale: ‘The Deirdre story’ in Gaelic tradition.
In Bryght lanternis (1989), pp. 405–419.
Based on Oidheadh Chloinne hUisneach.