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H 4.2.1: Verse: Particular poets and poems: Modern Irish: Poets: Ó Bruadair, Dáibhidh

Griffin-Wilson (Margo): Cluain agus cluanaire.
In PHCC 9 (1990), pp. 11–30.
Discusses the use of the word cluain in two late 18th-century wedding crosántachta by Dáibhí Ó Bruadair.
Donnelly (Seán): Cranngha(i)l ‘a sound or effect in music’.
In Celtica 22 (1991), pp. 16–17.
in Dáibhidh Ó Bruadair’s Créacht do dháil mé im árthach galair, q. 29.
Griffin-Wilson (Margo): Mythical and local landscapes: Dáibhí Ó Bruadair’s Iomdha sgéimh ar chur na cluana.
In Celtica 25 (2007), pp. 40–60.
Studies the literary and historical associations of two passages from Ó Bruadair’s wedding crosántacht (quatrains 16-24 and the prose section), and argues that these, albeit differing in treatment and literary technique, are joined together by the theme of fertility.
Griffin-Wilson (Margo): St. Patrick and Antaeus: two bardic apologues.
In Sacred histories [Fs. Herbert] (2015), pp. 161–174.
Examines the language used in two prose apologues found in a crosántacht attributed to Dáibhidh Ó Bruadair, beg.Teallach coisreagtha críoch Bharrach.
Griffin-Wilson (Margo): A crosántacht composed for Dáibhídh de Barra (†10 April 1617).
In Celtica 29 (2017), pp. 135–198.
Edition of poem beg. Teallach coisreagtha críoch Bharrach (42½ qq., interspersed with four prose passages); doubtful attrib. to Dáibhidh Ó Bruadair. Text based on MS BL Additional 29614, with variants from TCD H 6. 7 and RIA 23 N 15; with English translation and notes.