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H 4.2.1: Verse: Particular poets and poems: Modern Irish: Poets: Ní Chonaill, Eibhlín Dhubh (c.1743–c.1800)

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Version (interspersed with explanatory comments in English) from Manchester MS Irish 72. Diplomatic and standardized text, English translation.
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Draws attention to similarities in the music used for laments and milking songs.
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Points out similarities with English and Scottish ballads.
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Adresses three misconceptions about Caoine Airt Uí Laoghaire: (Pt. 1) that it is to be read as a realistic account based on historical facts; (Pt. 2) that the Caoine is best understood as an example of the keening tradition; (Pt. 3) that the name of the metre of the poem is rosc.

Rev. by
Máirín Nic Eoin, in ECI 13 (1998), pp. 193-196.