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K 3.3: Christianity: Other religious literature: Instructional, apocryphal, imaginative: Trí biorghaoithe an bháis (Keating)

Cunningham (Bernadette): The sources of Trí biorghaoithe an bháis: another French sermon.
In Éigse 31 (1999), pp. 73–78.
Argues that Keating’s discussion of the three kinds of death draws upon the work of French preacher Pierre de Besse (†1639).
Ó Dúshláine (Tadhg): Devout humanism Irish-style: the influence of Sir Thomas More on Seathrún Céitinn.
In Irish in Europe (2001), pp. 79–92.
A comparison between More’s The four last things and Keating’s Trí bior-ghaoithe an bháis.
Ó Dúshláine (Tadhg): Nóta ar cheapadóireacht an Chéitinnigh.
In Éigse 18/1 (1980), pp. 87–92.
Discusses the metaphor of chess applied to human existence, as used by Keating in Trí bior-ghaoithe an bháis.
Ó Dúshláine (Tadhg): An t-exemplum in Trí bior ghaoithe an bháis.
In LCC 14 (1983), pp. 90–105.
Ó Doibhlin (Breandán): Athléamh ar Trí bhiorgha an bháis.
In Bliainiris 6 (2006), pp. 203–229.