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K 3.3: Christianity: Other religious literature: Instructional, apocryphal, imaginative: Abgitir chrábaid

Haggart (Craig): Some comments on the date of compilation of the Apgitir chrábaid.
In StH 35 (2008–2009), pp. 9–15.
Clancy (Thomas Owen), Márkus (Gilbert): Iona: the earliest poetry of a Celtic monastery.
Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1995. x + 271 pp.
Part 1: Iona (Iona’s early history; The life and work of the monastery; Iona as a literary centre); Part 2: The poems (Altus prosator; Adiutor laborantium; Noli Pater; Amra Choluimb Chille; The poems of Beccán mac Luigdech; Colum Cille co Día domm eráil; Cantemus in omne die) [text, English translation, and commentary]; Part 3: The alphabet of devotion [English translation]; Part 4: Iona’s library.

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