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H 4.2: Verse: Particular poets and poems: Modern Irish

Ó Mainnín (Mícheál B.): ‘The same in origin and in blood’: bardic windows on the relationship between Irish and Scottish Gaels, c. 1200-1650.
In CMCS 38 (Winter, 1999), pp. 1–51.
Explores their literary connections, focusing on the concept of Gaeldom and its evolution in both Ireland and Scotland as seen in the work of Irish and Scottish bardic poets writing praise poetry for Scottish chieftains.
Ó Mórdha (Séamus P.): Fiachra Mac Brádaigh, poet and scribe of central Cavan.
In Heart of Breifne 1/3 (1980), pp. 4–23.
Mac Cárthaigh (Eoin): Gofraidh Óg Mac an Bhaird cecinit: 3. As truagh cor chríche Banbha.
In Ériu 67 (2017), pp. 99–139.
An elegy on the death of Maghnas (son of Niall Garbh son of Conn) Ó Domhnaill (†1646). 65 qq., edited from MS Stonyhurst A ii 20; with Introduction, Linguistic and Metrical analyses, English translation, Textual notes.
Breatnach (Pádraig A.): Meascra ar an saol in Éirinn, 1841-44.
In Éigse 25 (1991), pp. 105–112.
1. anonymous beg. Dob fhios dóibh mé bheith bocht, ed. from MS NLI G 430; 2. beg. Mo ghrādhsa an sagart breágh naomhtha, composed by Tadhg Ó Horragáin, ed. from MS NLI G 776; 3. anon. dedicated to Daniel O’Connell, beg. Tá Éigse na hÉirionn 's a’ dáimh go binn, ed. from NLI MS G 494. With MS readings and English abstracts of the poems.
Ní Mhurchú (Síle): Varia: I. Ní chluinim sin a chláirseach: a lost poem from the Book of the O’Conor Don.
In Ériu 67 (2017), pp. 215–218.
Suggests two quatrains of this poem may have been preserved in Tuileagna Ó Maolchonaire’s tract on grammar and prosody (1659).