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The year’s work in modern language studies.
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Published by Brill (Leiden) from vol. 77 (2017).
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McLeod (Neil)
[n. a.]: Coiste Náisiúnta Léann na Gaeilge.
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A call to established scholars working in the field of Irish language and its associated litertaure and culture to submit information on their researches to the committee, Coiste Náisiúnta Léann na Gaeilge, newly established by the Royal Irish Academy.
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Describes BL and its Celtic contents.
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3 Bde.

§§5-19: Keltisch.
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CD–ROM. Revised electronic edition of Rolf Baumgarten, Bibliography of Irish Linguistics and Literature (Dublin, DIAS, 1986) with numerous corrections. Also published, with extra functional features, at

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