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K 2.2.1: Christianity: Hagiography and hagiology: Patrick: Biography, criticism

Buttimer (Neil): A late life of Patrick.
In Cín chille cúile [Ó Riain essays] (2004), pp. 1–43.
In verse, beg. Chonairc an cruitneacht buidh; composed by Amhlaoibh Ó Súilleabháin (†1838). Edited from RIA 23 A 34; with manuscript readings.
Charles-Edwards (Thomas M.): Palladius, Prosper, and Leo the Great: mission and primatial authority.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 1–12.
Barden (Seán): Patrick’s Armagh: local topography in the Tripartite Life.
In SAM 22/2 (2009), pp. 1–7.
Considers the place name Ráth Dáire.
Mac Eoin (Gearóid): St. Patrick and the Franks.
In Lochlann [Fs. Rekdal] (2013), pp. 1–11.
Examines the references to the Franks in St. Patrick’s Epistula and argues that the events mentioned in it agree with a suggested composition date of 482×486, thus preferring the late obit of Patrick (in 492 or 493).
Dumville (David N.): St. Patrick in Cornwall? The origin and transmission of Vita tertia S. Patricii.
In Celtic florilegium [O Hehir studies] (1996), pp. 1–7.
Ó Raifeartaigh (Tarlach): The enigma of Saint Patrick.
In SAM 13/2 (1989), pp. 1–60.
Harvey (Anthony): The significance of Cothraige.
In Ériu 36 (1985), pp. 1–9.
Challenges the view that OIr. Cothraige is a loan-word from Latin Patricius, and argues that it is a place-name with originally no relation to St. Patrick.
Márkus (Gilbert): What were Patrick’s alphabets?
In CMCS 31 (Summer, 1996), pp. 1–15.
Argues that the abgitorias and elementa that St. Patrick is said by Tírechán to have written are best taken as meaning ‘guides to monastic life’, comparable to OIr. aibgitir in Apgitir Chrábaid.
Jackson (Kenneth H.): The date of the Tripartite Life of St. Patrick.
In ZCP 41 (1986), pp. 5–45.
Distinguishes three datable linguistic layers (Old Irish, 10th c. and 11th c.) corresponding to the three main editorial phases. Includes a detailed analysis of the linguistic material, contrasted with Saltair na Rann and Togail Troí.
Byrne (F. J.), Francis (Pádraig): Two lives of Saint Patrick: Vita secunda and Vita quarta.
In JRSAI 124 (1994), pp. 5–117.
Discussion and English translation.
Keogh (Raymond M.): Palladius: Bishop or phantom?
In StH 33 (2004–2005), pp. 7–27.
Studies the relationship between St. Patrick and Palladius, and argues in favour of the two being the same person.
Keogh (Raymond M.): Patrick and the Prosper connection.
In StH 32 (2002–2003), pp. 7–34.
Argues that Patrick and Prosper were contemporaries and comments on the chronology of Patrick’s life and writings.
Bisagni (Jacopo): A note on the end of the world: Tírechán’s dies erdathe.
In ZCP 58 (2011), pp. 9–18.
ad §12 (as ed. by L. Bieler 1979 [The Patrician texts in the Book of Armagh]); erdathe is interpreted as the gen. sg. of erdath, derived from PC *-dātū, containing the PIE root *dhu̯eh2- ‘to make smoke’.
Berschin (Walter): Ich Patricius... Die Autobiographie des Apostels der Iren.
In Die Iren und Europa (1982), pp. 9–25.
Herren (Michael W.): Patrick, Gaul, and Gildas: a new lens on the apostle of Ireland’s career.
In Gablánach in scélaigecht [Fs. Dooley] (2013), pp. 9–25.
Smyth (Alfred P.): Bishop Patrick and the earliest Christian mission to Ireland.
In Christianity in Ireland (2002), pp. 11–20.
Ó Raifeartaigh (T.): A rationale for the censuring of Saint Patrick by the seniores.
In Celtica 16 (1984), pp. 13–33.
Thomas (Charles): Palladius and Patrick.
In The island of St. Patrick (2004), pp. 13–37.
Dumville (David N.): The floruit of St. Patrick: common and less common ground.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 13–18.
Carey (John): The miracle of St. Patrick’s cup.
In CMCS 73 (Summer, 2017), pp. 15–20.
Rejects the assumption that the idea of poison is central to Muirchú's original account of this miracle (as argued for example by Thomas O’Loughlin, ‘Muirchú's poisoned cup: a note on its sources’, in Ériu 56 (2006), pp. 157–162), and suggests this story rather symbolizes the exclusion of incompatible aspects of early Irish society during the process of conversion to Christianity.
Dark (K. R.): St. Patrick’s uillula and the fifth-century occupation of Romano-British villas.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 19–24.
Hughes (A. J.): Some aspects of the salmon in Gaelic tradition past and present: 2. On identifying salmon in the Vita Tripartita of St. Patrick and elsewhere.
In ZCP 48 (1996), pp. 22–28.
ad Vita Tripatita, 146.7-14 (as ed. by W. Stokes, 1887 [Best1, p. 240]), where fishermen are said to be able to distinguish salmon by river.
Dumville (David N.): St. Patrick’s missing years.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 25–28.
Ford (Patrick K.): Aspects of the Patrician legend.
Lambkin (B. K.): Patrick, Armagh and Emain Macha.
In Emania 2 (1987), pp. 29–31.
Discusses the episode of Patrick and Dáire and suggests that Armagh was chosen as primatial see because of its importance as druidic centre. vs. R. Sharpe, St. Patrick and the See of Armagh, in CMCS 4 (Winter, 1982), pp. 33–59.
Dumville (David N.): The death-date of St. Patrick.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 29–33.
Sharpe (Richard): St. Patrick and the See of Armagh.
In CMCS 4 (Winter, 1982), pp. 33–59.
Explores the chronological gap between Patrick’s death and 7th c. texts relating to the church at Armagh.
Pontfarcy (Yolande de): Accounts and tales of Lough Derg or of the pilgrimage.
In Medieval pilgrimage to St. Patrick’s Purgatory (1988), pp. 35–57.
On the elements from Irish tradition found in accounts of pilgrims to Lough Derg.
Dawson (Elizabeth): Brigit and Patrick in Vita prima sanctae Brigitae: veneration and jurisdiction.
In Peritia 28 (2017), pp. 35–50.
Maund (K. L.): The second obit of St. Patrick in the Annals of Boyle.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 35–43.
Dumville (David N.): The date 432.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 39–43.
Ó Cróinín (Dáibhí): Saint Patrick.
In Armagh history and society (2001), pp. 43–62.
Flanagan (Marie Therese): Jocelin of Furness and the cult of St. Patrick in twelfth-century Ulster.
In Jocelin of Furness conference (2013), pp. 45–66.
Dumville (David N.): St. Patrick and fifth-century Irish chronology: the kings.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 45–50.
Dumville (David N.): St. Patrick and fifth-century Irish chronology: the saints.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 51–57.
Doherty (Charles): The cult of St. Patrick and the politics of Armagh in the seventh century.
In Ireland and Northern France (1991), pp. 53–94.
Swift (Catherine): Tírechán’s motives in compiling the Collectanea: an alternative interpretation.
In Ériu 45 (1994), pp. 53–82.
1. Tírechán’s aims in compiling the Collectanea: the established position; 2. The diverse nature of Patrician tradition; 3. Tírechán’s attitude to Armagh; 4. The ‘great church of Patrick’ associated with Conall m. Néill; 5. Loíguire’s control over Connacht as portrayed in the Collectanea; 6. The political context within which the Collectanea was written.
Dumville (David N.): Patrick Senior and Junior.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 59–64.
Swift (Catherine): St. Patrick, Skerries and the earliest evidence for local church organization in Ireland.
In The island of St. Patrick (2004), pp. 61–78.
Ó Riain (Pádraig): The notes of the Book of Armagh: a ninth-century witness to North Munster affairs?
In NMAJ 54 (2014), pp. 61–69.
Argues that the notulae are a transcript of notes made in situ by the abbot of Armagh in the period 835-845, the Munster section of which was later to be used as material for the composition of St. Patrick’s circuit of mid-Munster in the Tripartite Life.
Dumville (David N.): Acta Palladii preserved in Patrician hagiography?
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 65–84.
Ó Riain (Pádraig): Croagh Patrick’s early associations, Patrician and non-Patrician.
In Mayo history and society (2014), pp. 67–76.
Ó Dufaigh (Seosamh): Saint Patrick and how he is remembered.
In SAM 16/2 (1995), pp. 69–82.
Grigoryev (Grigory): Bachal Ísu: the symbolism of St. Patrick’s crosier in early medieval Irish hagiography.
In SCF 14 (2017), pp. 71–84.
Breatnach (P. A.): Notula Patriciana.
In Éigse 27 (1993), p. 80.
wr. by Míchéal Ó Cléirigh; ed. from Brussels MS 2324-40;.
Ní Mheara (Róisín): The cult of Patricius in Europe.
In SAM 16/2 (1995), pp. 83–92.
Dumville (David N.): Bishop Palladius’s computus?
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 85–88.
Sharpe (Richard): Saint Mauchteus, discipulus Patricii.
In Britain 400–600 (1990), pp. 85–93.
Ó hÓgáin (Dáithí): ‘Moch amach ar maidin dé Luain!': staidéar ar an seanchas faoi ollphiasta i lochanna na hÉireann.
In Béaloideas 51 (1983), pp. 87–125.
A survey of lake monsters in Irish tradition, focusing particularly on St. Patrick and the monster in Lough Derg.
Dumville (David N.): Auxilius, Iserninus, Secundinus, and Benignus.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 89–105.
Koch (John T.): The early chronology for St. Patrick (c. 351–c. 428): some new ideas and possibilities.
In Celtic hagiography (2003), pp. 102–122.
Ó Fiaich (Tomás): St. Patrick and Armagh.
In SAM 16/2 (1995), pp. 107–119.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): Reading Muirchú's Tara-event within its background as a biblical ‘trial of divinities’.
In Celtic hagiography (2003), pp. 123–135.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): Muirchú's theology of conversion in his Vita Patricii.
In Celts and Christians (2002), pp. 124–145.
Mac Donncha (Frederic): Dáta Vita Tripartita Sancti Patricii.
In Éigse 18/1 (1980), pp. 125–142; 19/2 (1983), pp. 354-372.
Provides linguistic and literary evidence to date the composition of VTP to the Middle Irish period, vs. C. Ní Mhaolchróin 1927 (Best2 1995). With a summary of Middle Irish features and a commentary on the structure of the text.
Dumville (David N.): British missionary activity in Ireland.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 133–145.
Hughes (Kathleen): Synodus II S. Patricii.
In Latin script and letters [Fs. Bieler] (1976), pp. 141–147.
Keogh (Raymond M.): Does the Armorican forest hold the key to Saint Patrick’s escape?
In StH 28 (1994), pp. 145–157.
Re-examines the chronology of the events in the life of St. Patrick, arguing in favour of the traditionalist view.
Bray (Dorothy Ann): The making of a hero: the legend of St. Patrick and the claims of Armagh.
In Monastic studies 14 (1983), pp. 145–160.
Dumville (David N.): Emain Macha, Ard Macha.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 147–152.
Lacey (Brian): Tírechán’s Sírdruimm, Adomnán’s Dorsum Tómme.
In JRSAI 132 (2002), pp. 148–150.
Orchard (Andy): Audite omnes amantes: a hymn in Patrick’s praise.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 153–173.
In Appendix: Text, translation, sources and parallels.
Boyle (Alexander): The birthplace of St. Patrick.
In SHR 60/2 (Oct., 1981), pp. 156–160.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): Muirchú's poisoned cup: a note on its sources.
In Ériu 56 (2006), pp. 157–162.
Argues that Muirchú's cup incident between St. Patrick and Lucet Máel is modelled on Gregory of Tours’ hagiographical motif of preservation from poison, used to show the holiness of the saints.
Dumville (David N.): St. Patrick at his ‘first synod’?
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 175–178.
Koch (John T.): *Cothairche, Esposito’s theory, and Neo-Celtic lenition.
In Britain 400–600 (1990), pp. 179–202.
Dolley (Michael): Roman coins from Ireland and the date of St. Patrick.
In PRIA-C 76 (1976), pp. 181–190.
Dumville (David N.): St. Patrick and the christianisation of Dál Riata.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 183–189.
Borsje (Jacqueline): De goede buren van God: verschillende vormen van inculturatie van het volk van de elfenheuvels in het middeleeuwse Ierse christendom.
In Veelkleurig christendom (2003), pp. 197–210.
[(In Dutch:) The good neighbours of God: various forms of inculturation of the people of the fairy mounds in medieval Irish Christianity.]

1. Inleiding; 2. Sint Patrick als verschijning; 3. Elfen, goden en verschijningen: overlappingen; 4. Van demonisch tot goddelijk; 5. Sint Patrick bij de bron; 6. Slot.

Revised and extended version in Boundaries of monotheism (2009), pp. 53–81.
Woods (David): Tírechán on St. Patrick’s writing tablets.
In StC 45 (2011), pp. 197–203.
ad Tírechán B.II §3.1-4 (as ed. by L. Bieler 1979 [The Patrician texts in the Book of Armagh]).
Dumville (David N.): Muirchú's life of St. Patrick from the Book of Armagh.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 203–219.
Includes reconstructed Latin text.
Ó Cróinín (Dáibhí): Who was Palladius, ‘first bishop of the Irish’?
In Peritia 14 (2000), pp. 205–237.
Uses new evidence to draw a biographical sketch of Palladius, suggesting an identification with the Palladius mentioned by Rutilius Namatianus in De reditu suo.
Dumville (David N.): St. Patrick in the Historia Brittonum: three texts.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 221–232.
Abrams (Lesley): St. Patrick and Glastonbury abbey: nihil ex nihilo fit?
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 233–242.
Howlett (David): Synodus prima Sancti Patricii: an exercise in textual reconstruction.
In Peritia 12 (1998), pp. 238–253.
From Cambridge, Corpus Christi Library, MS 279; with English translation.
Dumville (David N.): St. Patrick in an Anglo-Saxon martyrology.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 243–244.
Corrêa (Alicia): A mass for St. Patrick in an Anglo-Saxon sacramentary.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 245–252.
Dumville (David N.): The afterlife of Liber angeli.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 253–254.
Bieler (Ludwig): Bethu Phátraic: Versuch einer Grundlegung des Verhältnisses der irischen Patriciusviten zu den lateinischen.
In AnzPHK 111 (1974), pp. 253–273.
Reconstructs the literary history of the legend of St. Patrick through a comparison of the attested Patrician biographical material.

Repr. in L. Bieler, Studies on the life and legend of St Patrick (ed. R. Sharpe), no. xiv (London 1986).
Dumville (David N.): The dating of the Tripartite Life of St. Patrick.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 255–258.
Dumville (David N.): St. Patrick and the Scandinavians of Dublin.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 259–264.
ad Lebor na cert 1696-1768 (ed. M. Dillon, 1962).
Dumville (David N.): William of Malmesbury’s Vita s. Patricii and his source: two lost lives of St. Patrick?
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 265–271.
Dumville (David N.): The Armagh list of `coarbs of St. Patrick’.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 273–278.
Ó Cróinín (Dáibhí): New light on Palladius.
In Peritia 5 (1986), pp. 276–283.
Argues that the Easter table attributed to St. Patrick by Cummian in De controversia Paschale is to be identified with Palladius’s Easter table.

Repr. in D. Ó Cróinín, Early Irish history and chronology, pp. 28-34.
Dumville (David N.): St. Patrick, the Annales Cambriae, and St. David.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 279–288.
Etchingham (Colmán), Swift (Catherine): Early Irish church organization: the case of Drumlease and the Book of Armagh.
In Breifne 9/37 (2001), pp. 285–313.
1. Drumlease and the Additamenta, by C. Etchingham; 2. Drumlease and Tírechán, by. C. Swift.
Herren (Michael W.): An early Irish precursor of the ‘Offiziendichtung’ of the Carolingian and Ottonian periods.
In Euphrosyne 22 (1994), pp. 291–300.
Repr. in Latin letters in early christian Ireland, nº VI.
Wilson (P. A.): St. Patrick and Irish Christian origins.
In StC 14–15 (1979–1980), pp. 344–379.
Picard (Jean-Michel): Vir apostolicus: St. Peter and the claim of apostolicity in early medieval Ireland.
Young (Simon): St. Patrick and Clovis.
In Peritia 16 (2002), pp. 478–479.
ad Epistola ad milites Corotici, §14.
Ó Riain-Raedel (Dagmar): Patrician documents in medieval Germany.
In ZCP 49–50 (1997), pp. 712–724.
Examines the MSS of South-German provenance (especially Regensburg) containing Vita tertia Sancti Patricii.
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Incl. English translation of the Confessio and the Epistola.

Rev. by
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1. Text with apparatus and translation; 2. Symposium (Introduction, by W. C. Kerr; Manuscript: Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, No. 279, by A. B. Scott; The history of the text, by M. J. Faris; Some linguistic problems, by G. B. Adams; A reconsideration of some linguistic evidence, by M. J. McGann; Patricius Auxilius Isserninus, by R. H. M. Dolley); 3. Commentary; 4. Bibliography; 5. Photographs of the Manuscript.

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