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K 1.1: Christianity: History, Institutions: General

Shead (Norman F.): Jocelin, abbot of Melrose (1170–1174), and bishop of Glasgow (1175–1199).
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Hughes (Kathleen): The Celtic church: is this a valid concept?
In CMCS 1 (Summer, 1981), pp. 1–20 (= O’Donnell lecture for 1974-75, Cambridge, 1975).
Draws distinctions between the Irish and Welsh ecclesiastical organisation in the early and central Middle Ages.
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MacDonald (Ian G.): The church in Gaelic Scotland before the Reformation.
Mac Conmara (Máirtín): Scoileanna agus cúrsaí léinn 1200-1500.
In An léann eaglasta in Éirinn (1988), pp. 18–26.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): The Latin version of the Scriptures in Iona in the late seventh century: the evidence from Adomnán’s De Locis Sanctis.
In Peritia 8 (1994), pp. 18–26.
De Locis Sanctis provides no evidence for the presence of a text of the Vetus Latina or the Septuagint in the library of Iona in the last quarter of the seventh century; quotations from these texts may have been drawn from an intermediate source.
Maier (Bernhard): Gaelic and Catholic in the early middle ages.
In Irish Catholic identities (2013), pp. 21–31.
Barrell (A. D. M.): The church in the West Highlands in the late middle ages.
In IR 54/1 (Spring, 2003), pp. 23–46.
Sharpe (Richard): St. Patrick and the See of Armagh.
In CMCS 4 (Winter, 1982), pp. 33–59.
Explores the chronological gap between Patrick’s death and 7th c. texts relating to the church at Armagh.
O’Loughlin (Thomas): The library of Iona in the late seventh century: the evidence from Adomnán’s De Locis Sanctis.
In Ériu 45 (1994), pp. 33–52.
Incl. app. listing books claimed for Iona.
Haggart (Craig): Abbatial contention in Armagh in the eight and ninth centuries: the Comarbada Pátraic as a source.
In StH 32 (2002–2003), pp. 35–58.
Attempts to determine the historical value of the glosses added to the text, in particular those appended to the LL version.
Boyle (Alexander): The early Scottish church: notes and suggestions.
In IR 35/1 (Spring, 1984), pp. 37–39.
1. Care of the sick; 2. Knowledge of British; 3. Preaching in Pictland.
Flechner (Roy): Conversion in Ireland: reflections on the state of the art.
In Converting the isles I (2016), pp. 41–59.
Charles-Edwards (T. M.): The social background to Irish peregrinatio.
In Celtica 11 (1976), pp. 43–59.
On the relationship between the peregrinus (ailithir) and Irish social organisation; distinction of two grades of peregrinatio ailithre); discussion of related terminology.

Republ. in The Otherworld voyage in early Irish literature, pp. 94-108.
Hamlin (Ann): The early Church in county Down to the twelfth century.
In Down history and society (1997), pp. 47–70.
Tristram (Hildegard L. C.): Bedas Historia ecclesiastica gentis anglorum im Altenglischen und Altirischen: ein Vergleich.
Jefferies (Henry A.): Erenaghs and termonlands: another early seventeenth-century account.
In SAM 19/1 (2002), pp. 55–58.
Extract of a letter in English (1609) by archbishop William Daniell, entitled De herenachis et Termon lands and containing a discussion of the terms termonn, coarb and airchinnech. From MS TCD E 3. 16, f. 78v.
Anderson (Marjorie O.): The Celtic church in Kinrimund.
In IR 25/2 (Autumn, 1974), pp. 67–76.
Etchingham (Colmán): Pastoral provision in the first millennium: a two-tier service?
Sharpe (Richard): Churches and communities in early medieval Ireland: towards a pastoral model.
In Pastoral care before the parish (1992), pp. 81–109.
Davies (Wendy): Clerics as rulers: some implications of the terminology of ecclesiastical authority in early medieval Ireland.
In Latin and the vernacular in early medieval Britain (1982), pp. 81–97.
Discusses implications of the use of certain words in sixth-, seventh- and early eighth-century Ireland, e.g. Lat. princeps, principatus, census, ius, regnum and Ir. toísigecht [sic leg.], flaith, flaithem, flaithemnacht, airchinnech, etc.
FitzPatrick (Elizabeth): The early Church in Offaly.
In Offaly history and society (1998), pp. 93–130.
Ó Conchúir (Doncha): Thoughts on the early Christian church.
In JKAHS 26 (1993), pp. 93–106.
Herity (Michael): The antiquity of an turas (the pilgrimage round) in Ireland.
In Lateinische Kultur im VIII. Jahrhundert (1989), pp. 95–143.
Etchingham (Colmán): The early Irish church: some observations on pastoral care and dues.
In Ériu 42 (1991), pp. 99–118.
Concludes that pastoral care and dues applied consistently only to manach-tenants.
Mac Conmara (Máirtín): An léann eaglasta ag baile in Éirinn 1200-1500.
In An léann eaglasta in Éirinn (1988), pp. 102–138.
§1. An léann eaglasta i measc Proinnsiasach ag deireadh an 15ú céad (i. Clár leabharlainne Mhainistir Eochaille a.d. 1491 [Irish translation provided in Aguisín]; ii. Lámhscríbhinn Laidine Phroinsiasach c. a.d. 1455); §2. Lámhscríbhinní Laidine le hábhar diagachta agus cráifeachta; §3. Na príomhlámhscríbhinní Gaeilge le hábhar diagachta 1200-1500; §4. Aistriúcháin agus scríbhinní diagachta i nGaeilge 1200-1500 [A survey of 23 religious texts in Irish]; §5. Scríbhinní fealsúnachta in Éirinn 1200-1500 [A survey of 21 philosophical MSS, some in Irish].
Fraser (James E.): Strangers on the Clyde: Cenél Comgaill, Clyde Rock and the bishops of Kingarth.
In IR 56/2 (Nov., 2005), pp. 102–120.
Harney (Lorcan): Christianising pagan worlds in conversion-era Ireland: archaeological evidence for the origins of Irish ecclesiastical sites.
In PRIA-C 117 (2017), pp. 103–130.
MacQuarrie (Alan): Early Christian religious houses in Scotland: foundation and function.
In Pastoral care before the parish (1992), pp. 110–133.
Ó Corráin (Donnchadh): Orosius, Ireland, and Christianity.
In Peritia 28 (2017), pp. 113–134.
On Orosius’s early testimony to Christianity in Ireland.
Pettiau (Hérold): The officials of the church of Armagh in the early and central middle ages, to A.D. 1200.
In Armagh history and society (2001), pp. 121–186.
Lists and discusses the titles of officials of the church of Armagh found in early Irish chronicles: 1. epscop; 2. tánaise epscoip; 3. ap; 4. tánaise abbad: 5. secnap; 6. comarba; 7. airchinnech; 8. fosairchinnech; 9. maer (or ardmaer); 10. maer bachla Ísa; 11. ferthigis; 12. scríbneoir; 13. anchara; 14. fer léiginn; 15. toísech macc léiginn; 16. sacart; 17. anmchara; 18. senchaid; 19. ecnaid; 20. suí; 21. ardollam; 22. cenn bocht; 23. príomhchalladóir; 24. príomhchríochaire; 25. leabhar coimhéadaigh.
Mac Cana (Proinsias): Two notes: [1.] On the word láech ‘warrior’.
In Celtica 11 (1976), pp. 125–128.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): The liturgical background of the Derrynavlan altar service.
In JRSAI 110 (1980), pp. 127–148.
Holland (Martin): Were early Irish church establishments under lay control?
In Ireland and Europe in the 12th cent. (2006), pp. 128–142.
Ní Chatháin (Próinséas): Aquitaine in early Irish sources.
In Aquitaine and Ireland in the Middle Ages (1995), pp. 137–146.
Discusses in particular references to Bordeaux (Ir. Bordgal), Tours (Ir. Torinis), St. Martin, and St. Hilary of Poitiers.
Etchingham (Colmán): The implications of paruchia.
In Ériu 44 (1993), pp. 139–162.
[1.] Paruchia in canons and hagiography; [2.] Córas Béscnai and the ‘Drumlease document’; [3.] Conclusion. Paruchia refers to the pastoral jurisdiction of a bishop and not to a federation of geographicaly dispersed monasteries.
Clarke (Howard B.): Christian cults and cult-centres in Hiberno-Norse Dublin and its hinterland.
In The island of St. Patrick (2004), pp. 140–158.
Mc Carthy (Daniel): On the shape of the insular tonsure.
In Celtica 24 (2003), pp. 140–167.
With 2 illustrative figs.
Flanagan (Marie Therese): John de Courcy, the first Ulster plantation and Irish church men.
In Britain and Ireland, 900–1300 (1999), pp. 154–178.
Ó Néill (Pádraig P.): Irish observance of the Three Lents and the date of the St. Gall Priscian (MS 904).
In Ériu 51 (2000), pp. 159–180.
Some discussion of the terms samchásc ‘summer Easter’, corgus ‘Lent’, samchorgus ‘summer Lent’, gamchorgus ‘winter Lent’ and minchásc ‘Low Sunday’. Concludes that the St Gall Priscian MS was begun in October 850 and completed in August 851.
Bamford (Christopher): The heritage of Celtic Christianity: ecology and holiness.
In The Celtic consciousness (1982), pp. 169–184.
Dumville (David N.): Church-government and the spread of Christianity in Ireland.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 179–181.
Ní Chon Uladh (Póilín): The rígdál at Terryglass (737 A. D.).
In THJ (1999), pp. 190–196.
AU s.a. 737.9.
Clancy (Thomas Owen): Adomnán and the abbacy of Clonmacnois: historical needs, literary narratives.
In IR 57/2 (Nov., 2006), pp. 206–215.
Ó Corcora (Seán): An léann eaglasta san eaglais chaitliceach 1700-1900.
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Kelly (Joseph F. T.): The attitudes toward Paganism in early Christian Ireland.
In Diakonia [R.T. Meyer studies] (1986), pp. 214–223.
Sharpe (Richard): Some problems concerning the organisation of the Church in early medieval Ireland.
In Peritia 3 (1984), pp. 230–270.
Discusses ecclesiastical terminology (e.g. Lat. paruchia, familia, dominicus (> Ir. domnach), princeps, Ir. airchinnech, epscop tuaithe (cf. Lat. clericus plebis), etc.) and the impact of monasticism.
Dumville (David N.): The Armagh list of `coarbs of St. Patrick’.
In Saint Patrick 493-1993 (1993), pp. 273–278.
Etchingham (Colmán), Swift (Catherine): Early Irish church organization: the case of Drumlease and the Book of Armagh.
In Breifne 9/37 (2001), pp. 285–313.
1. Drumlease and the Additamenta, by C. Etchingham; 2. Drumlease and Tírechán, by. C. Swift.
Ó Riain (Pádraig): Irish saints’ cults and ecclesiastical families.
In Local saints and local churches (2002), pp. 291–302.
On Ailbe, saint patron of Shancough, Co. Sligo, as an example of the involvement of hereditary ecclesiastic families in the diffusion of saints’ cults.
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In Prehistoric and early Ireland (2005), pp. 301–330.
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Discusses foundation legends of the churches of Trim and Sletty in the Book of Armagh.
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Corrections and additions to Medieval religious houses: Ireland, by A. Gwynn and R. N. Hadcock (London 1970) [BILL 7663].
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