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Mac Eoin (Gearóid S.): The lament for Cuimine Fota.
In Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 17–31.
Eight stanzas assembled from quotations in various texts. Authorship of Colmán ua Cluasaig (7th cent.) rejected. Three separate parts distinguished; linguistically dated to 10th/11th centuries. First line Marbh friom andes marbh antuaidh. Variorum edition, with Engl. transl. and notes. Based on MSS Brussels 5301-20; Rawlinson B 503, RIA C iii 3; Harley 5280; TCD H 2. 16 (YBL); RIA D ii 1 (Book of Uí Maine); RIA 23 P 16 (Leabhar Breac), TCD H 3. 18.
Ní Dhonnchadha (Máirín): M’airiuclán hi Túaim Inbir: speaker and setting.
In Lorg na leabhar [Fs. Breatnach] (2019), pp. 75–94.
Byrne (Francis John): The lament for Cummíne Foto.
In Ériu 31 (1980), pp. 111–122.
Edition, normalised to early Old Irish standard, of a poem beg. Marb friumm andess, marb atúaid (8 qq.) with translation and commentary. Based on MSS Brussels 5301–20; Rawlinson B 503; RIA C iii 3; Harley 5280; Yellow Book of Lecan; Book of Uí Mhaine; Leabhar Breac; TCD H 3. 18: for apparatus criticus, see G. S. Mac Eoin, The Lament for Cuimine Fota, in Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 17-31. Disagrees with some of the conclusions reached by G. Mac Eoin. Poem composed not later than c. ad 700.
Mac Eoin (Gearóid S.) (ref.)
Trindade (W. Ann): Irish Gormlaith as a sovereignty figure.
In ÉtC 23 (1986), pp. 143–156.
Ahlqvist (Anders): A line in Líadan and Cuirithir.
In Peritia 1 (1982), p. 334.
Third line of poem beg. Cen áinius should be read and translated as an ro ·carus ro ·cráidius ‘when I have loved, I have tormented’.
Ó Corráin (Donnchadh): Meyer to Gaidoz: an emendation between friends.
In Peritia 15 (2001), p. 378.
ad p. 20.17, as ed. by Kuno Meyer 1902 (Best1, p. 118).
Lehmann (Ruth P. M.): Lament of Créde, daughter of Gúaire.
In ÉtC 15 (1976–1978), pp. 549–551.
ad It é saigte gona súain, q. 3 (cf. EILyr (49. Créide’s lament for Cáel), pp. 148-151, and Golden treasury (16. Créd’s lament), pp. 78-80). With Irish text and English translation.