Olmsted (Garrett Scott)

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Olmsted (Garrett S.): A contemporary view on Irish “hill-top enclosures” .
In ÉtC 16 (1979), pp. 171–185.
Studies the use of OIr. blá in Audacht Morainn and argues, based on the readings of recension B, that it is to be interpreted as ‘enclosure’.
Olmsted (Garrett S.): The Gundestrup cauldron: its archaeological context, the style and iconography of its portrayed motifs, and their narration of a Gaulish version of Táin bó Cúailnge.
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Olmsted (Garrett): Mórrígan’s warning to Donn Cuailnge.
In ÉtC 19 (1982), pp. 165–172.
Edition of the rosc passage at lines 957-962 of Táin bó Cúailnge (as ed. by C. O’Rahily, 1976), beg. In fitir in dub. Reconstructed from MSS Maynooth C 1, YBL, LL, LU, Stowe Missal; with English translation and textual notes.
Olmsted (Garrett): Luccreth’s poem Conailla Medb míchuru and the origins of the Táin.
In ManQ 29/1-2 (Fall/Winter, 1988), pp. 3–72.
ad J. Carney, Early Irish literature: the state of research, in pp. 113-130 of ICCS 6 (1979). Includes text from the Laud genealogies, with English translation and linear glossary.
Olmsted (Garrett): The Irish correlatives of Vedic Mitra-Varuṇa: “le borgne et le manchot” .
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Olmsted (Garrett): Gaulish, Celtiberian and Indo-European verse.
In JIES 19/3-4 (Fall/Winter, 1991), pp. 259–307.
Also discusses the development of early Irish metres, illustrated with the poems Dind ríg, Luin oc elaib, Conailla Medb míchuru and In fitir in dub.
Olmsted (Garrett): The earliest narrative version of the Táin: seventh-century poetic references to Táin bó Cúailnge.
In Emania 10 (1992), pp. 5–17.
Translation of Conailla Medb míchuru attributed to Luccreth moccu Chíara, Verba Scáthaige (Imbe eirr hengaile) and the ‘Mórrígan’s rosc' (In fitir in dub dusáim can eric). These are identified as containing seventh-century fragments of the Táin bó Cúailgne including references to an early version of the Aided Fraích episode.
Olmsted (Garrett S.): Conailla Medb míchuru and the origins of the Táin.
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Includes text and translation.
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Also publ. as Archaeolingua; main series, 6. Budapest, 1994.

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