Bieler (Ludwig Josef Georg)

(1906 – 1981)

Bieler (Ludwig), Carney (James): The Lambeth commentary.
In Ériu 23 (1972), pp. 1–55.
Remnants of commentary, mainly in Irish, but with extensive Latin quotations on the Sermon on the Mount according to St. Matthew. Transcribed and edited with translation and notes from MS London, Lambeth Palace Fragments 1229 (ff. 7, 8). Text dated roughly to ca. 725.
Bieler (Ludwig): Bethu Phátraic: Versuch einer Grundlegung des Verhältnisses der irischen Patriciusviten zu den lateinischen.
In AnzPHK 111 (1974), pp. 253–273.
Reconstructs the literary history of the legend of St. Patrick through a comparison of the attested Patrician biographical material.

Repr. in L. Bieler, Studies on the life and legend of St Patrick (ed. R. Sharpe), no. xiv (London 1986).
Bieler (Ludwig): Zur Interpretation hagiographischer Parallelen.
Heidelberg: Winter, 1974. 20 pp. (Sitzungsberichte der Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften, Philosophisch-Historische Klasse, Jahrg. 1974, Abh. 7).
“Festvortrag, gehalten im Seminar für lateinische Philologie des Mittelalters der Universität Heidelberg zur Feier des 75. Geburtstages von Professor Dr. Walter Bulst.''

Rev. by
Donncha Ó hAodha, in ZCP 39 (1982), pp. 299-301.
Bieler (Ludwig): Two observations concerning the Navigatio Brendani.
In Celtica 11 (1976), pp. 15–17.
1. On James Carney’s view of the dependence of Imram Maíle Dúin on the Navigatio Brendani, and on the ‘happy otherworld’ as a Menschheitsgedanke; 2. On the relationship between Insula Deliciosa, Inis Caín, and Inis Subai.

Republ. in The Otherworld voyage in early Irish literature, pp. 91-93.
Carney (James) (ref.)
Naumann (Bernd), O’Meara (John J.) (ed.): Latin script and letters A. D. 400-900: festschrift presented to Ludwig Bieler on the occasion of his 70th birthday / edited by John J. O’Meara and Bernd Naumann.
Leiden: Brill, 1976. vi + 276 pp.
pp. 1-18: Bibliography Ludwig Bieler.
Bieler (Ludwig) (hon.)
Bieler (Ludwig) (ed.): The Patrician texts in the Book of Armagh / edited with an introduction, translation and commentary by Ludwig Bieler; with a contribution by Fergus Kelly.
SLH, 10. Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1979. vii + 288 pp.
pp. 242-248: Notes on the Irish words (with particular reference to dating), by F.K.

Texts: A. Muirchú; B. Tírechán; C. Additamenta: D. Notulae; E. Liber Angeli. With introduction, commentary and English translation.

Rev. by
Joseph F. Kelly, in Speculum 56/3 (Jul., 1981), pp. 585-587.
Richard Sharpe, in Éigse 18/2 (1981), pp. 329-332.
Richard Sharpe, in Peritia 1 (1982), pp. 363-369.
Kelly (Fergus)
Quin (E. G.): Varia: II. A further note on Wb. 13b13.
In Ériu 33 (1982), pp. 165–166.
ad E. G. Quin, in Ériu 31 (1980), pp. 146-149 and L. Bieler and J. Carney, in Ériu 23 (1972), pp. 1-55. Suggests a revised translation: ‘It is usual, then, for clever competitors to allow the field to overtake them and when a tiring (or easy) pace is expected (by the field) they (the clever ones) make after them (go into the attack, Carney) and are soon well ahead of them’.
Bieler (L.) (ref.), Carney (J.) (ref.)
Bieler (Ludwig): Clavis Patricii II: Libri epistolarum sancti Patricii espiscopi / introduction, text and commentary, Ludwig Bieler.
RIA DMLCS-AP, 4. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 1993. 315 pp.
Reprint in one volume of L. Bieler, 1952 (= BILL: 7980).

Rev. by
John Higgins, in Peritia 10 (1996), pp. 400-407.