Bhreathnach (Edel)

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Bhreathnach (Edel): Tara: a select bibliography.
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1. Primary sources; 2. Literary interpretation of the sources; 3. Historical interpretation of the sources: 4. Archaeology and topography.

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Bhreathnach (Edel): The documentary evidence for pre-Norman Skreen, County Meath.
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Bhreathnach (Edel): Temoria: caput Scotorum?
In Ériu 47 (1996), pp. 67–88.
Discussion of (references from) Muirchú's Vita Sancti Patricii, Adomnán’s Vita Columbae, Tírechán’s Collectanea, Baile Chuinn Chétchathaig, Feis Temro; on the relationship between Tara and Cashel.
Bhreathnach (Edel): Topographical note: Moynagh Lough, Nobber, Co. Meath.
In RíM 9/4 (1998), pp. 16–19.
Suggests that Moynagh Lough is to be equated with Loch Dé Mundech.
Bhreathnach (Edel): The tech midchúarta, ‘the house of the mead-circuit’: feasting, royal circuits and the king’s court in early Ireland.
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In Seanchas [Fs. Byrne] (2000), pp. 299–312.
Discusses two collections of poems on the subject of the province of Leinster, found in Rawl. B 502 and LL.
Bhreathnach (Edel): Abbesses, minor dynasties and kings in clericatu: perspectives of Ireland, 700-850.
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Bhreathnach (Edel): Two contributors to the Book of Leinster: Bishop Finn of Kildare and Gilla na Náem Úa Duinn.
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Bhreathnach (Edel): Tales of Connacht: Cath Airtig, Táin bó Flidhais, Cath Leitreach Ruibhe, and Cath Cumair.
In CMCS 45 (Summer, 2003), pp. 21–42.
Examines the textual tradition of these four tales (without edition or translation) and argues that they belong to one narrative centered around the history of Connacht intended for a local learned audience.
Bhreathnach (Edel): Learning and literature in early medieval Clonmacnoise.
In Clonmacnoise studies 2 (2003), pp. 97–104.
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Bhreathnach (Edel): Defining the historical landscape of Tara.
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Bhreathnach (Edel): Níell cáich úa Néill nasctar géill: the political context of Baile Chuinn Chétchathaig.
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Bhreathnach (Edel), Murray (Kevin): Baile Chuinn Chétchathaig: edition.
In Kingship and landscape of Tara (2005), pp. 73–94.
From 23 N 10 and Egerton 88; diplomatic and normalised texts, English translation, textual notes (MS facsimiles in pp. 330-332).
Bhreathnach (Edel): Críchadh an Chaoilli: a medieval territory revealed.
In JCHAS 110 (2005), pp. 85–95.
Discusses a topographical tract providing information on the area of Co. Cork formerly known as Caoille.
Bhreathnach (Edel): The Airgíalla charter poem: the political context.
In Kingship and landscape of Tara (2005), pp. 95–123.
Bhreathnach (Edel), Murray (Kevin): The Airgíalla charter poem: edition.
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Ar-síasair coimdiu Tailten suidi coimdemmar. From NLI G7; diplomatic and normalised texts, English translation, textual notes (MS facsimile in pp. 333-335).

In Appendix: A eolcha in domhoin duanaig. Diplomatic text from RIA B iv 2.
Bhreathnach (Edel): A Midhe is maith da bhámar: thoughts on medieval Mide.
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Bhreathnach (Edel): The medieval kingdom of Brega.
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Bhreathnach (Edel): Perceptions of kingship in early medieval Irish vernacular literature.
In Lordship in medieval Ireland (2007), pp. 21–46.
Examines theoretical texts on kingship (focusing on Audacht Morainn and Tecosca Cormaic), contrasting this with the portrayal of kingship in Leinster poetic material of the 7th to 12th centuries.
Bhreathnach (Edel) (ed.), MacMahon (Joseph) (ed.), McCafferty (John) (ed.): The Irish Franciscans, 1534–1990 / Edel Bhreathnach, Joseph MacMahon & John McCafferty, editors.
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On the contribution of Franciscans (and also Carmelites and Dominicans) to Irish language literature (particularly religious bardic poetry.)
Bhreathnach (Edel) (ed.), Newman (Conor) (ed.), Schot (Roseanne) (ed.): Landscapes of cult and kingship / Roseanne Schot, Conor Newman and Edel Bhreathnach, editors.
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Papers from a conference held in Galway, June 2009.

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