Matasović (Ranko)

Matasović (Ranko): Gender in Indo-European.
Idg. Bibl. 3. Heidelberg: Winter, 2004. 252 pp. (Indogermanische Bibliothek, 3. Reihe: Untersuchungen).
Includes a discussion (pp. 52-57) of gender in Celtic.
Matasović (Ranko): Insular Celtic: linguistic area, genealogical node or both?
Matasović (Ranko): Insular Celtic as a language area.
In The Celtic languages in contact (2007), pp. 93–112.
Paper read to the 13th ICCS, Bonn 2007.
Matasović (Ranko): The origin of the Old Irish f-future.
In Evidence and counter-evidence (2008), pp. 361–366.
Matasović (Ranko): Etymological dictionary of Proto-Celtic.
LIEED, 9. Leiden: Brill, 2008. xii + 544 pp.
Rev. by
Karin Stüber, in Kratylos 55 (2010), pp. 92-98.
Irene Balles, in ZCP 58 (2011), pp. 265-289.
Matasović (Ranko): Descriptions in the Ulster Cycle.
In Ulidia 2 (2009), pp. 95–105.
Matasović (Ranko): ‘Sun’ and ‘moon’ in Celtic and Indo-European.
In Studia Celto-Slavica 2 (2009), pp. 154–162.
Matasović (Ranko): Adjective phrases in Old Irish.
In KF 4 (2009), pp. 195–210.
Matasović (Ranko): Some Celto-Slavic etymologies.
In Studia Celto-Slavica 3 (2010), pp. 15–20.
Examines the exclusive Celto-Slavic lexical isoglosses in EDPC (1. PC *ēskyo- ‘moon’ [OIr. éscae, ésca, éisce]; 2. PC *fitu- ‘food’ [OIr. ith]; 3. PC *lūtu- ‘anger, power’ [OIr. lúth]; 4. PC *ruxtu- ‘noise’ [MIr. rucht]; 5. PC *slowgo- ‘troop, army’ [OIr. slúag, slóg]; 6. PC *talskV- ‘fragment, piece’ [cf. OIr. tailm]; 7. PC *krissu- ‘belt’ [OIr. cris]; 8. PC *kat-yo- ‘throw’ [OIr. caithid]), and proposes some new etymologies (1. PC *obnu ‘fear’ [OIr. omun]; 2. PC *frāno- ‘mane’ [ModIr. rón]; 3. PC *gissā- ‘taboo, prohibition’ [MIr. geis]; 4. PC *wesnālā- ‘swallow’ [OIr. fannall]).
Brozović-Rončević (Dunja ) (ed.), Fomin (Maxim) (ed.), Matasović (Ranko) (ed.): Celts and Slavs in central and southeastern Europe: Studia Celto-Slavica III: proceedings of the IIIrd International Colloquium of the Societas Celto-Slavica, Dubrovnik, September 18-20, 2008 / edited by Dunja Brozović-Rončević, Maxim Fomin and Ranko Matasović.
Studia Celto-Slavica, 3. Zagreb: Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje, 2010. ix + 314 pp.
Matasović (Ranko): Dybo’s Law in Proto-Celtic.
In ZCP 59 (2012), pp. 129–141.
Reviews the evidence for Dybo’s Law (reformulated as *H > Ø / {i, u, Ra }_) and argues that there are no good reasons to assume that PIE *ē, *ō (also < *eH, *oH) are shortened in pretonic syllables.
Matasović (Ranko): ‘To hide’ and ‘to cover’ in Proto-Indo-European.
In JIES 41/1-2 (Spring/Summer, 2013), pp. 21–34.
Includes a new etymology proposal for OIr. forad ‘mound, residence, brow’ (< PIE *(H)wer- ‘cover’).