Salberg (Trond Kruke)

Salberg (Trond Kruke): Le lien entre la faiblesse des Ulstériens (A et B) et les lais du cycle de Lanval: son importance pour la relation entre les lais et pour le rapport entre les deux récits irlandais.
In ZrP 105/5-6 (1989), pp. 445–471.
Salberg (Trond Kruke): The question of the main interpolation of H into M’s part of the Serglige Con Culainn in the Book of the Dun Cow and some related problems.
In ZCP 45 (1992), pp. 161–181.
Examines the interpolation at 48b11-49a16, and argues that the erased space could not have accommodated section x (48b12-49a5), thought by R. Thurneysen (in Best2 1030) to come from recension A, if written in M’s hand, therefore concluding with M. Dillon (in Best2 1138a) that x is from recension B.