Rosén (Hannah)

Rosén (Hannah): Periphrasis and figura etymologica in some sources of Middle Irish.
In ZCP 43 (1989), pp. 53–83.
Examines the various syntactical patterns in which the figura etymologica is attested, and argues that in the type where the verbal noun is the topic of a cleft sentence the cognate finite verb lost its lexical prominence and gave way to an auxiliary verb, thus facilitating the proliferation of the periphrastical construction with do·gní, do·beir, fo·ceird, etc.
Rosén (Hannah): The other day: a case of shift in discourse-type status.
In NOWELE 19 (1992), pp. 75–88.
Rosén (Hannah): Irish attitudinal expression: adverbs and other structures.
In ZCP 49–50 (1997), pp. 784–805.
Attempts to delineate the historical development of attitudinal terms in Irish, paying special attention to their syntax.
Sawicki (Lea) (ed.), Shalev (Donna) (ed.): Donum grammaticum: studies in Latin and Celtic linguistics in honour of Hannah Rosén / edited by Lea Sawicki and Donna Shalev.
Orbis-Suppl., 18. Louvain: Peeters, 2002. xvi + 411 pp. (Orbis; Supplementa, 18).
Rev. by
Karl Horst Schmidt, in ZCP 55 (2006), pp. 240-243.
Rosén (Hannah) (hon.)