McLaughlin (Roisin)

McLaughlin (Roisin): A threat of satire by Tadhg (mac Dáire) Mac Bruaideadha.
In Ériu 55 (2005), pp. 37–57.
25 qq., beg. Tairgidh mo sheachna, a shíol mBriain. Critical edition, with introduction, translation and notes, based on RIA MSS 23 D 4, 23 D 5, and 24 L 13.
McLaughlin (Roisin): Metres in Mittelirische Verslehren III.
In Ériu 55 (2005), pp. 119–136.
Suggests, through analysis of the metres illustrated in the tract, that Auraicept na nÉces and In Lebor Ogaim were among the sources of its compiler.
McLaughlin (Roisin): Early Irish satire.
Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 2008. xi + 300 pp.
Texts include: (chap. 2) An Old Irish tract on satire [beg. Cis lir fodlai aíre, reconstructed from Book of Ballymote, Book of Uí Maine and NLS Gaelic 1; with English translation, manuscript readings and notes, and including the text of a shorter version found in TCD H 3. 18]; (chap. 3) The Old Irish heptad on satire [no. 33, beg. A-táat secht cenéla aíre le Féniu; restored text based on Rawl. B 487 and TCD H 3. 18, followed by diplomatic text of the glosses and commentary in Rawl. B 487; with English translation and notes]; (chap. 4) A miscellany of medieval Irish satires [an edition of the satires cited in Mittelirische Verslehren III (ed. by R. Thurneysen 1891 [Best1, p. 53]); 86 poems, normalized from the six extant witnesses, with linguistic and metrical analysis, manuscript readings, English translation and notes].

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McLaughlin (Roisin): Fénius Farsaid and the alphabets.
In Ériu 59 (2009), pp. 1–24.
Discusses evidence for an alternative account of Fénius’s role in the invention of the alphabet characterized by Isidorian influence, and suggests that Fénius’s increased prominence in the legend originates in the Middle Irish commentary tradition on Auraicept na n-éces.
McLaughlin (Roisin): A Latin-Irish text on fasting in the Leabhar Breac.
In Ériu 60 (2010), pp. 37–80.
Entitled Cétáin in braith. Edition, with English translation and textual notes, and a discussion of its structure and sources.
McLaughlin (Roisin): A text on almsgiving in RIA MS 3 B 23 and the Leabhar Breac.
In Ériu 62 (2012), pp. 113–183.
Edition of two versions of a Middle Irish homily: (1) bilingual Latin-Irish, from Leabhar Breac (cf. R. Atkinson, Passions and homilies, pp. 207-213 [No. XV] and 446-450), and (2) Irish-only, from RIA 3 B 23; with English translation and textual notes, and a discussion of the Latin sources used. In Appendix: a transcription of the third version, found in Laud Misc. 610.
McLaughlin (Roisin): A second source for the text on judges and poets in the pseudo-historical prologue to the Senchas már.
In Celtica 27 (2013), pp. 18–37.
Draws attention to a previously unpublished Middle Irish text on pre-Patrician judges and poets in UCD-OFM MS A 9 (transcription and translation provided), and compares it with a version in TCD MS H 3. 17.
McLaughlin (Roisin): Gnéithe den aoir sa tseanré in Éirinn.
In An greann sa Ghaeilge (2013), pp. 22–41.
McLaughlin (Roisin): Reading Irish manuscripts: texts on kingship and judgement in UCF-OFM manuscript A 9.
In Celtica 28 (2016), pp. 151–167.
Analyses the contents of A 9 and argues that the texts found in it form a thematic unity and were so arranged for didactic purposes. Includes a comparison with a similarly arranged section in the Book of Lismore.
McLaughlin (Roisin): Unusual gnáthaisti in Mittelirische Verslehren III.
In Dá dtrian feasa fiafraighidh (2017), pp. 95–109.